Grand Seiko Quartz Review: My Grail – The SBGV233

We tend to be pretty dismissive and downright snarky over here at Two Broke Watch Snobs – especially when it comes to pseudo-glorified “horological rites of passage.” Everyone needs a Rolex? No, shut up. Breaking $1,000 is something everyone needs to do? Nonsense. There’s a…

Ep. #181: Who Wore It Better?

Mike and Kaz compare some of the watch world’s favorite design and style tropes in a head-to-head match between two watches at a time. Also, Patreon is growing! Thanks to everyone that has hopped on for those special tiers.

Ep. #179: Affordable Vintage Watches Pt.9: Pilot Watches

This week we’re returning to our most beloved segment here at TBWS. That’s right – it’s the one that started it all: Affordable Vintage Watches. This episode we’re breaking down our picks for Affordable Vintage Pilot Watches.

Ep. #169: Watchfast Reflections

The mini watchfast challenge is over, and Kaz & Mike reflect on their learnings in this week’s episode. Plus, there’s a ton of new stuff on the site – including a Nodus review and a few press releases you won’t want to miss.

How COVID-19 Could Impact Horology in 2020

Join the TBWS writing team for our very first episode of the TBWS Writers’ Room! The crew sit down and have an honest conversation about the very real impact that COVID-19 is having on the watch industry. From large brands to smaller brands, everyone is feeling the impact.

Watch Boutique Distractions During the Gooding Car Auction in Scottsdale

You see, the Gooding auction took place next to the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. It was there that these words came out of my mouth: “Hey Colleen, let’s go check out some of the boutiques at the mall.” Now I’ve probably said each of those words before but never in that particular order. Of course, Colleen knew that the only boutique I would willingly seek out is a watch boutique.

Ep. #159: A Day in the Life of a Broke Watch Snob

It’s not easy running TBWS. The guys are coming up on four years of content creation, social media shenanigans, and a signature brand of watch industry commentary meant to keep you engaged and entertained.