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Hey, TBWS Fam!

Kaz here and this week I’m recording solo again – my better half in broke watch snobbery wasn’t available to join me for the second time. But the show must go on!

This week we’re returning to our most beloved segment here at TBWS. That’s right – it’s the one that started it all: Affordable Vintage Watches. This episode we’re breaking down our picks for Affordable Vintage Pilot Watches.

Hope everyone enjoy’s this week’s show!

Kaz’s Picks:

1: Kirov Type-1 | https://www.ussrtime.info/details/0343.html

a. Type-1 recovered from WW2 DB-3 Wreckage: https://englishrussia.com/2018/03/14/rescuing-world-war-ii-plane-spent-76-years-in-swamps-well-preserved-photos/
b. https://englishrussia.com/images/newpictures/Fishing_in_the_North/104321/62478/wwii_15_full.jpg

2: Sturmanskie 15j | https://www.ussrtime.info/details/1388.html

3: Sturmanskie 3133 | https://www.ussrtime.info/details/0594.html

a. pre 1985/6 movement: https://www.ussrtime.info/images/big/0594C.jpg
b. post 1985/6 movement: https://www.ussrtime.info/images/big/1320D.jpg

Mike’s Picks:

1: Citizen Wingman | https://i.pinimg.com/originals/09/24/fb/0924fb1c4cc820d4f3e1a0d6d415890c.jpg

2: Adanac Type 2 | https://i.pinimg.com/originals/99/95/72/9995725c98ae5986ea84bf30ad778707.jpg

3: Strela/Sekonda 3017

a. https://www.ussrtime.info/details/0002.html
b. https://www.ussrtime.info/details/0001.html

ad spot

Show Notes:

Pre-Revolution Russian Horology: https://twobrokewatchsnobs.com/russian-watches-part-1-pre-revolution-russian-clockworks-huge-swinging-clocks/

History of Poljot: https://twobrokewatchsnobs.com/russian-watches-part-2-the-first-moscow-watch-factory-poljot/

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  1. Again, love the Russian watch stuff. Really jonzing for a vintage Raketa 24 hour from the 70’s among a few others. Many, but certainly not all, of their designs are simply fun, unique.


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