"Dad, stop judging me! I'm doing my best!" Witnesses reported that Thompson then proceeded to sprint down the canned goods aisle, pursued by an unseen entity he described as his father-turned-wristwatch.

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Traser P67 Officer Pro Review: A Subtle Field Watch With A Tritium Twist

If you’re a fan of tritium watches, you probably already know Traser and their extensive catalog of tactical and outdoor watches. But if you’ve never been down the tritium illumination rabbit hole, this Swiss giant of self-illuminating watches might not be on your radar. Traser is the in-house brand of mb microtec, the company responsible for producing the tritium gas tubes used by other watch brands. With a three decade history and bragging rights of unrivaled vertical integration, Traser’s influence in the world of self-illuminating watches puts them at the top of an elite group of innovative brands. And, spoiler alert, no matter if you’re a seasoned pro or discovering tritium for the first time, Traser’s P67 Officer Pro is worth your attention.

The Vertex M36: Paying Tribute To British Forces In The 1940s

Vertex is marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day with a new watch that pays tribute to watches issued to British forces during the 1940s. Under the leadership of Don Cochrane, Vertex has launched this new model to honor the 1,776 watches they supplied to British troops on that historic day.

Sinn T50 Review: Overengineered Titanium Excellence

The Sinn T50 is a tool watch by every measure of the phrase. Sinn took the chassis of the U50, swapped it to Titanium, “fixed” the handset, and added their Ar-Dehumidifying technology. It is this golden ratio of utility perfection, in my opinion. The same week the T50 was delivered, I departed on a two-week-long trip to Scotland. This was a perfect opportunity to get some long dedicated time with it for this review and I am eager to share my experiences with you.

Nodus Contrail GMT Laguna Hands-On

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better for Nodus after the TrailTrekker I reviewed this year, they go and do this. Recently, Nodus announced the latest iteration of the Contrail—one of their long-standing aviation/travel-focused pieces and a watch that I reviewed on this site a while ago. As an owner of the original Contrail, I was eager to see what they’d come up with for the latest refresh. Nodus went all out, with a new triple time-zone variant featuring the Miyota 9075 “true” GMT movement and a bunch of colors that are sure to drive enthusiasts nuts this year. It’s the new Nodus Contrail GMT and we were able to go hands-on with the textured “Laguna” dial variant.

Christopher Ward The Twelve X

Christopher Ward has slowly, but surely, been upping their game in the affordable fine watchmaking segment. A brand once known for their British inspired conservative designs, and a rather plain logo font is now delving into integrated bracelet sports watches, and just today has launched a version with a fully skeletonized dial called the Christopher Ward Twelve X.