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TAG Heuer Carrera ‘Glassbox’ 39mm: The Carrera Chronograph You’ve Been Waiting For?

I love vintage Heuer chronographs like the various Skippers and Autavias, and this new release looked like a step in the right direction for a brand who has been struggling to define their role and identity in the watch market for a few years. So when I had an opportunity…




Why The ProPilot X Calibre 400 Laser May Be The First Oris I Actually Buy

Michael Penate

After years of tiptoeing around it and covering releases from Oris, I have to say that the recently announced Oris ProPilot X Calibre 400 Laser may be the watch that conquers me. Back when Oris announced the original Pro Pilot X, I found the design compelling but at the same time, a little too industrial-looking for me. I say that even as someone who is affectionately drawn to aviation themes, which Oris does very well. But now, Oris just had to add frickin’ lasers to the equation, pulling me closer to the ProPilot X.

Seiko SPB441: Celebrating The 100th Anniversary With The Presage Kintaro Hattori

Michael Penate

Every once in a while, Seiko nails it. Even though we’ve been critical of their releases and pricing in recent years, a few gems still manage to sneak by. Much like the Navigator Timer I …

Grand Seiko Elegance Hand-Wound SBGW305: I’m Officially Obsessed

Michael Penate

On this site, you won’t typically hear a lot from me when it comes to Grand Seiko. My brother in broke watch snobbery, Kaz, has found his satisfaction in the SBGV233 (full review here). But …

New Mondaine Stop2Go Models Join The Brand’s Flagship Collection

Michael Penate

Back when I started to get seriously into watches, one of the models I’d consistently see on “affordable watches” lists was the Mondaine Stop2Go. It was and still is nothing quite like anything else out …

Glashütte, Nomos, and Buying A Watch Abroad

Aaron Shapiro

My wife and I had been planning a trip to Germany for the better part of a year. I blame it on Atomic Blonde, the 2017 movie featuring Charlize Theron that takes place just before the Berlin Wall fell, or maybe it was Bridge of Spies? Either way, we were headed to Germany. Around the time we started planning, I started scheming. You see, there are watches in Germany. German-made watches…