Our Editorial Policy


Two Broke Watch Snobs (TBWS) aims to provide honest, engaging, and knowledgeable content about watches. Our goal is to create an inclusive, respectful, and budget-conscious space for all watch enthusiasts, regardless of their level of expertise or budget constraints. The following editorial policy outlines our commitment to maintaining our content’s integrity, quality, and authenticity.

No Paid Reviews

Two Broke Watch Snobs (TBWS) does not accept any form of payment in exchange for positive reviews.

Revenue Sources

While TBWS does generate income through display advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content, our editorial content is independent and not influenced by advertisers, sponsors, or external parties. Any sponsored content, advertisements, or partnerships will be clearly disclosed to our readers to maintain transparency and trust.


We may occasionally host giveaways for our readers. Our contests will have very detailed and specific rules for entry. Participating in a giveaway doesn’t imply an endorsement of the product by Two Broke Watch Snobs.

Honest and Authentic

We provide genuine opinions and insights, even if they differ from popular trends or opinions in the watch community. Our reviews and recommendations are unbiased and based on personal experience or thorough research.

Respectful Dialogue

We treat all watch enthusiasts respectfully, regardless of their preferences or budget constraints. Our content promotes a positive and welcoming community. We cover a wide range of watch brands, styles, and price points to cater to our audience’s varied interests.

Relevance and Fact-Checking

We work to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date through thorough research and fact-checking. This includes regularly updating our site’s key pages, guides, and collector resources to provide the most relevant information about the brands and products we discuss.


Our roster of writers is diverse and global. They all have extensive and varied backgrounds in watch collecting and the watch industry. Each writer brings a wealth of knowledge and authority to ensure our content is informative and credible.

By sticking to this editorial policy, we aim to maintain the trust and loyalty of our audience while fostering a positive and growing community for all watch enthusiasts.