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Ep. #215: SOTC and “On The Radar” (aka 2+ Hours of Horology Bar-Talk)

This week Kaz and Baird run down a mini top 3 SOTC and talk about some pieces they've been window shopping for. Also, we're gonna be real with you - this is a 2+ hour episode of two horological…

Ep. #215: SOTC and “On The Radar” (aka 2+ Hours of Horology Bar-Talk)

This week Kaz and Baird run down a mini top 3 SOTC and talk about some pieces they've been window shopping for. Also, we're gonna be real with you - this is a 2+ hour episode of two horological knuckleheads shooting the shit and enjoying each other's company. Enjoy!

Ep. #212: Watches and (Some) Wonders 2021: Do We Care?

Join Mike and Kaz as they run through their favorite releases announced at the sort-of-newest-and-biggest watch show of the year.

Ep. #211: Fun with Watch Budgets

Kaz and Mike lay down their picks for a single watch at $250, $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, and $5,000!

Ep. #210: Watch Photography 2021

The boys are back to discuss some of the most frustrating and rewarding aspects of watch photography. Tune in to learn about their current gear, some techniques, and a new round of watch industry IG personalities that are just killing it with watch photography.

Ep. #209: Watch Servicing Expectations

Kaz and Baird sit down this week and talk watch servicing - specifically what your expectations should be if you've never gotten a watch serviced before. Plus the guys go over when it is and isn't worth servicing a watch, what to look for in a good watch tech, and so much more!

Ep. #208: Revisiting Affordable Mechanical Chronographs

This week Kaz and Mike hope to highlight some of the best options in the mechanical chronograph space. Tune in to hear about the best movements to hunt for, some wacky eBay exercises, and mechanical chronograph watches under $1,000

Ep. #207: Watch Brands We Know Nothing About: Sea-Gull

This time, Kaz and Mike dig into Sea-Gull, both as a brand and a massive manufacturer of movements supplied all over the world Tune in, and let us know about your experience with Sea-Gull watches.

Ep. #206: When Does It End..?

What exactly does it look like when someone stops collecting watches and when someone reaches this seemingly ideal goal?

Ep. #205: Watch Resolutions 2021

Things get fun, things get heavy, and you’ll even hear a few resolutions from the fine folks on the TBWS Slack channel. Tune in, and don’t forget to share your 2021 watch resolutions on the Facebook page and Instagram.

Ep. #185: Unpopular Watch Opinions Pt. 1..?

The gang is back together, and they’ve had a tough week. The watch world is slowly turning into a parody of itself, and the guys are here to call out the BS.

Ep. #162: Horology Instagram Trends That Need to Die

Instagram has done a lot of good for the watch collecting hobby. But holy hell, it has its problems. Today, Kaz and Mike talk through some of their biggest issues with Instagram, trends that are taking the hobby by storm, and ways that the platform is harming growth overall.

Ep. #161: What Would You Rather Spend $14k On?

The snobs sit down and revisit the Omega 321 Speedy release while running through better ways to spend $14k.

Ep #147: Demystifying the “Beater Watch”

What does the watchfam really mean when referencing the "beater" watch? Is it an actually sub-genre to consider within your collection? Kaz and Mike talk about the concept of a beater watch and run through a few of the best options to shoot for if you're looking for a beater.

Ep. #179: Affordable Vintage Watches Pt.9: Pilot Watches

This week we're returning to our most beloved segment here at TBWS. That's right - it's the one that started it all: Affordable Vintage Watches. This episode we're breaking down our picks for Affordable Vintage Pilot Watches.

Ep. #158: Affordable Vintage Watches Pt. 8: Dealer’s Choice

It’s the return of a classic. This time, you’re getting two episodes in one as the guys tackle their own affordable vintage watch categories.

Ep. 115 Affordable Vintage Watches Pt. 7: Odds and Ends

This week we return to our bread and butter - the Affordable Vintage Watch series! This week's episode is Part 7 of the installment and it's all freestyle. Mike and Kaz check out eBay in real time on air and explore fun affordable vintage pieces that you may never have considered. Check out this week's show and let us know what you think!

Ep. #98 Affordable Vintage Watches Pt. 6: Precious Metal Cases & Exotic Materials

Mike and Kaz take on a new set of affordable vintage watches for budget-concious collectors. This time, they share some of their favorite choices for those interested in adding precious metal pieces to their collections. These are fun, easy on the wallet, and a great way to add diversity to the watch collecting journey.

Ep. #68 – Affordable Vintage Watches Pt 5: Digital Watches

Mike helps Kaz with his coffee game, Kaz admits he's a relic of the past (you know, like a Furby) and comes to the realization that, in fact, doing crack is easier than trying to make a good cup of coffee.

Ep. #55 – Affordable Vintage Watches Part 4

This week's wristcheck has mike discovering an oldie, but a goodie in the back of a drawer. And Kaz has a final, bittersweet goodbye to a trusty JDM GMT... but another shall take its place!

Ep. #14 – Affordable Vintage Watches Pt.3

This week it's another foray into the wide wacky world of Affordable Vintage Watches! This week Mike and Kaz are focusing on affordable vintage diver watches! AKA - dive watches that you should seriously never get wet (but seriously - do not attempt to dive with any of the vintage watches we discuss on this week's show).

Ep. #3: Affordable Vintage Watches P.2..?

This week the Affordable Vintage Watch goodness continues with a brief discussion on Kaz's Omega Seamaster 30 and Mike's Vostok Amphibia. Plus the guys then transition to talking about first time affordable vintage time pieces for those on a budget: the Seiko World Time and the Raketa Perpetual Calendar.

Ep. #1: Affordable Vintage Wathces Pt.1..?

The guys talk about the first vintage watches they ever purchased while also discussing the idea of collection purging. Kaz shares some info on USSR watches and the guys talk about a that ridiculous Panerai that Lunar Oyster has on his site.

Ep. #171 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Pt. 10: Jaquet Droz

That Time When You Almost Got Killed For Practicing “Witchcraft” in Spain…

Ep. #149 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Pt. 9: Traser Watches

Radioactive gas tubes, tough military watches, kidnapping Sean Astin for your watch brand promo - this episode has it all.

Ep. #136 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Pt. 8: Franck Muller

It's time to discuss how little the guys know about Franck Muller. Really... they know nothing. Tune in and join the guys on their path of horological discovery.

Ep. #113 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Part 6: Damasko

This week we're returning to one of our beloved reoccurring segments: Watch Brands We Know Nothing About! This week the guys are shedding light and talking shop on Damasko - a German watch manufacturer that may not have the exposure that Sinn and Nomos has, but the brand is doing some incredible things (and more people need to take notice!).

Ep. #105 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Part 5: Credor

Mike and Kaz dive into the unknown as they learn more about Credor, one of the world's most obscure and inexplicable high-end watch brands around. They also prepare for a very merry TBWS Thanksgiving, announce a new special episode, tease some details about the next giveaway, and cry about things on the Internet.

Ep. #90 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Part 4: Citizen

Things are heating up but Kaz and Mike are focused on discussing a brand they felt unfamiliar with. This time, it's Citizen and the guys fumble their way through some pretty cool discoveries surrounding this Japanese brand that really deserves more attention.

Ep. #77 – Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Part 3: Mido

Kaz and Mike finally get a chance to catch up after two consecutive weeks of interviews. It's refreshing and the guys revisit a TBWS classic that the #watchfam seems to enjoy.

Ep. #45 – Brands We Know Nothing About: Universal Genève

Then the guys tackle the main topic - trying to understand Universal Geneve. They talk about the special culture there is around collection Universal Geneve pieces in addition to the potential investment opportunities they may (or may not) posses.

Ep. #25 – Watch Brands We Know Nothing About Part 1: RADO

Mike's done it - his #watchfast is over! The snobs take a look back on Mike's time wearing one (and only one) watch for an entire month. Mike also shares the details on the first watch he wore after the fast! :) And obviously now that the dust has settled, Kaz is thinking of doing a #watchfast as well, but with his fiancee's Casio MDV106... anyone in the #watchfam care to talk him off the ledge?

Ep. #165: Guilty Pleasure Watches Part 5

Coronavirus, fashion watches... the guys have been tackling some big topics lately. This week, they hope to keep things light be revisiting and old-time favorite - guilty pleasure watches.

Ep. #123: Guilty Pleasure Watches Part 4

That’s right – it’s back, watchfam! This week we’re returning to one of our most goddam beloved reoccurring segments, Guilty Pleasure Watches!

Ep. #101 Guilty Pleasure Watches Pt. 3

Kaz and Mike share their dirty fantasies in this latest installment of Guilty Pleasure Watches. Things get filthy and the guys also share some new stuff coming out on the site. Keep an eye out!

Ep. #62 – Guilty Pleasure Watches Pt. 2

Wooo! First Two Broke Watch Snobs episode of the new year, #watchfam! This week the snobs are bringing back a fan-favotire: Guilty Pleasure Watches - a watch that you really should't love... but you just can't help yourself! 0_o

Ep. #6 – Seiko Spring Drive Event and “Guilty Pleasure” Watches

Kaz shares his experience at a recent Spring Drive event down in the Seiko Miami Boutique and the guys delve into one of their most beloved reoccurring series: Guilty Pleasure Watches!

Ep. #189: Hey, Bulova – Here’s What We’d Rather Spend $3 – $4k On

Recently, Bulova announced an exciting set of new watches. But holy hell, they’re expensive. Today you’ll catch up with Mike and Kaz for a new segment that breaks down the price range of new, ridiculous releases as the guys pitch some alternative choices for your hard-earned cash.

Ep. #185: Unpopular Watch Opinions Pt. 1..?

The gang is back together, and they’ve had a tough week. The watch world is slowly turning into a parody of itself, and the guys are here to call out the BS.

Ep. #175: Watch Jargon – Digging Through the BS

This week the guys are digging into one of the more pervasive perils of watch collecting out there: watch jargon. All too often we just nod our heads to watch terms that brands and other collectors fling about.

Ep. #174: The “F*ck You” Watch

Where “Guilty Pleasure” watches are loved with a sense of guilt, the “F*uck You” watch is loved loud and proud. What's your "F*ck You" watch?

Ep. #172: Acclaimed Watches… We Just Don’t Understand

Nothing is too sacred for TBWS - introducing a new Podcast segment: Watches that get all the love, which we just don't understand. Enjoy the bridge burning.

Ep. #164: Hey, Bro – Nice Fashion Watch

This week we're tackling more horological prejudices by taking a deep dive into a single burning question: why all the fashion watch hate? When we make the transition from horological civilians to watch collectors why is there so much hate for fashion watches (i.e. Timex, Michael Kors, Fossil, Kate Spade, etc.)?