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 Two Broke Watch Snobs is a wrist watch podcast dedicated to cutting through the bullshit of the overpriced watch industry - it's horology bar-talk at its finest! This is the type of wrist watch podcast that is more inclined to geek out over a $80 Timex than an $80k Rolex, because the reality is that a watch collection is about passion and expressing yourself in a way that's authentic to you. Escalating your wrist watch budget and creating a thoughtful watch collection are not synonymous. Plus, as far as wrist watch podcasts go, this one is full of crude humor, emotionally crippled neuroses, and the exploration of what is truly means to be a watch collector... Oh and dick jokes - lots of dick jokes.

The Two Broke Watch Snobs are Mike Penate and Kaz Mirza - two friends who met through work and eventually started a podcast about horology and dick jokes. Because that's exactly the type of show the wrist watch world needs right now. From core topics like how to build a watch collection for $150 to featuring special guests like Steve Laughlin from Raven watches, the Two Broke Watch Snobs is a podcast about watches that's perfect for new and seasoned collectors alike.