Taking it back to their roots, the snobs run through the exercise of learning as much as they can about Certina on air. Truly, it’s an impressive brand with some murky history – but several attractive models well under $1000.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Certina, you should be!

Also, you’ll hear about the latest TBWS site redesign, Slack channel shenanigans, and more.

1 thought on “Ep. #222 Watch Brands We Know Nothing About: Certina”

  1. First one of your audio blogs i listened to. A few thoughts:

    -Certina’s revival of the PH200m and ‘Super’ PH500m are interesting. i wear the black dial version of the latter, usually on black rubber or an orange Tropic style, nice locking push-to-turn bezel.

    -A number of their quartz watches are high accuracy, supposedly within 10 seconds per year. Regular quartz is still very accurate, but i appreciate that they’re selling HAQ without breaking the bank.


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