Horological bar-talk at its finest.

Ep. #8 – Quartz Watches, Water Resistance, ToxicNATOs, and Gateways to Watch Collecting

Kaz and Mike talk about Quartz watches, their value, precision, durability, and why they make people angry in the pants. Our first quartz watches and what they mean to us as collectors today. Mike’s wife interrupts the watch snobs. We also talk about water resistance, how it’s marketed, and share some cool new straps from ToxicNATOs. Kaz eats toxic candy.

Ep. #5 – Wind-Up NYC 2016!

Kaz shares his experience at Wind-Up NYC 2016! The guys talk about all the booths he visited and below you’ll find links to everyone mentioned in this week’s episode. Plus Kaz talks about the two watches he purchased at the show!

Ep. #3: Affordable Vintage Watches P.2..?

This week the Affordable Vintage Watch goodness continues with a brief discussion on Kaz’s Omega Seamaster 30 and Mike’s Vostok Amphibia. Plus the guys then transition to talking about first time affordable vintage time pieces for those on a budget: the Seiko World Time and the Raketa Perpetual Calendar.

Ep. #2: The Hodinkee + Dobel Event, Pre-Wind Up NYC 2016 Talk, and Our Daily Beaters

Mikes shares his experience attending the Hodinkee + Dobel Tequila event in Miami, breaking down the watches he saw there and how he doesn’t know shit about tequila. The guys are also getting ready for Wind Up NYC 2016 and Kaz shares that one time he ate kale stems… he doesn’t like kale stems. You know, because he’s not a gerbil.

Ep. #1: Affordable Vintage Wathces Pt.1..?

The guys talk about the first vintage watches they ever purchased while also discussing the idea of collection purging. Kaz shares some info on USSR watches and the guys talk about a that ridiculous Panerai that Lunar Oyster has on his site.