Horological bar-talk at its finest.

Ep. #210: Watch Photography 2021

The boys are back to discuss some of the most frustrating and rewarding aspects of watch photography. Tune in to learn about their current gear, some techniques, and a new round of watch industry IG personalities that are just killing it with watch photography.

Ep. #209: Watch Servicing Expectations

Kaz and Baird sit down this week and talk watch servicing – specifically what your expectations should be if you’ve never gotten a watch serviced before. Plus the guys go over when it is and isn’t worth servicing a watch, what to look for in a good watch tech, and so much more!

Ep. #208: Revisiting Affordable Mechanical Chronographs

This week Kaz and Mike hope to highlight some of the best options in the mechanical chronograph space. Tune in to hear about the best movements to hunt for, some wacky eBay exercises, and mechanical chronograph watches under $1,000

Ep. #206: When Does It End..?

What exactly does it look like when someone stops collecting watches and when someone reaches this seemingly ideal goal?

Ep. #205: Watch Resolutions 2021

Things get fun, things get heavy, and you’ll even hear a few resolutions from the fine folks on the TBWS Slack channel. Tune in, and don’t forget to share your 2021 watch resolutions on the Facebook page and Instagram.

Ep. #204: The 2020 TBWS Best In Horology Awards Show!

Join TBWS for the last show of the year and another round of our Best In Horology Awards show. This one is packed full of new and returning categories – many of which were suggested by the fine folks on the TBWS Patreon Slack channel.

Ep. #201: 2020’s Best Watches For Under $200

Join Kaz and Mike as they take things back to their roots. This week, the guys thought it would be fun to highlight some ideal watch purchase options for $200 or below… well below. Tune in, and find some of the best dress, sport, and wildcard watches in that “sweet spot” TBWS price bracket.