Horological bar-talk at its finest.

Ep. #225 No Change November & GPHG

This week’s episode is brought to you by a very special TBWS community initiative – No Change November. Trust us, you’ve gotta listen in to get it.

Ep. #223 The Heirloom Watch

Mike and Kaz return to chat through another listener-submitted topic. This time they’re running through the idea of “the heirloom watch” – a piece that’s meant to be passed down and kept in the family for generations. You’ll hear about watches that exist as heirloom watches in their families and which watches they’d choose to pass down to the next generation.

Ep. #221 Another Round of Guilty Pleasure Watches

Kaz and Mike bring back an old-time favorite and run through another round of guilty pleasure watches that make them feel dirty all over. There’s a twist though – these watches are slightly more under-the-radar than you might be expecting. Plus, you’ll hear about some recent releases and a killer chronograph from Brew Watches. Enjoy!

Ep. #220 Watch Recommendation Faux Pas

Kaz and Mike are back to talk about the challenges behind introducing new collectors and enthusiasts to the world of watches. Getting into watches can be tough, and many times – experienced collectors can inadvertently turn new enthusiasts off from the hobby by meeting their questions with outlandish responses.

Ep. #219 The Last Watch We’d Ever Sell

Some of you will not be pleased with this episode. Several of the watches that you’ve come to love – courtesy of the TBWS Wristwatch Museum – are about to be let go.

Ep. #218 The Dad Watch

Kaz and Mike take some time during Father’s Day weekend to reflect on the watches worn by their dads, and how this shaped the way they look at watches today.

Ep. #217 Ruining Watch Pricing for Everyone

Mike is back, and the guys are talking about some of the most irritating factors that affect watch pricing for both new models and what you’d find on the secondary market. There’s also a nice, matchy-matchy wrist check going on, some new Seiko models to chat about, and more.

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