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Bulova Computron Review: A Modernized LED Marvel

Bulova introduces another vintage inspired watch at Baselworld 2019, but this time with a twist. The Bulova Computron, a digital LED “driving” watch originally from 1976, has been brought back with some cosmetic and internal updates.

A Life On Wrist: Seiko SRP309 Orange Monster

To this point I owned a few throw-away watches; flash sale internet specials purchased based on a picture I liked and little else. Nothing smaller than 45 millimeters; nothing produced outside of China; all about a subtle as Shinola on shore leave. But I was also a few months into my first Seiko…

Seiko 6139-7000: Going Rogue on the Pogue

I want to love the Pogue. Lord, how I want to love the Pogue. It’s been to space, man, just like the beloved Speedmaster but (unlike the Omega) can be had for a more than reasonable price for a vintage piece with such provenance.

Best Law Enforcement Watches Part #3: First Line Supervisor

Well, at this point in a career you are beginning to think about promotion and gravitating towards the managing and leading people role, as opposed to focusing on yourself for the most part. It’s a lot like having children, except without the cuddling and bedtime stories. So, why not take this time, focus on yourself for just a little bit, and be selfish about what goes on your wrist.