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Episode. #2: The Hodinkee + Dobel Event, Pre-Wind Up NYC 2016 Talk, and Our Daily Beaters

Woo! The guys totally screw up the intro and Mike lies to Kaz about editing…

Mikes shares his experience attending the Hodinkee + Dobel Tequila event in Miami, breaking down the watches he saw there and how he doesn’t know shit about tequila.

The guys are also getting ready for Wind Up NYC 2016 and Kaz shares that one time he ate kale stems… he doesn’t like kale stems. You know, because he’s not a gerbil.

Show Notes:

Mike’s Orient Mako I

Kaz’s Seiko Sumo

The Seibold building in Miami we mentioned

Worn & Wound’s Wind Up NYC

Dietrich Watches

Nadal’s Richard Mille we briefly mention

The Sinn Split Second Chronograph

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