Episode #3 – Affordable Vintage Watches P.2..?

NOTE: we had some technical difficulties here and experienced some bleed through with our audio – so sometimes you may catch a faint echo noise – we’re so sorry. It really shouldn’t impact your listening experience but we just wanted to let you know that we were aware of it.


This week the Affordable Vintage Watch goodness continues with a brief discussion on Kaz’s Omega Seamaster 30 and Mike’s Vostok Amphibia. Plus the guys then transition to talking about first time affordable vintage time pieces for those on a budget: the Seiko World Time and the Raketa Perpetual Calendar.

Mike and Kaz also reveal the first time they ever talked about watches with each other… and it was the scariest day of Mike’s life.

Plus Mike talks about NAWCC! (not the NAACP like Kaz thought)

PLEASE NOTE: We curse – a lot.

Show Notes:

Kaz’s Omega Seamaster 30

Mike’s Vostok Amphibia

Seiko 6117-6410 Navigator Timer (this is a cool write up about the watch with picutres)

Raketa Perpetual Calendar (scroll down for a great write up on this watch – unlike the piece I’m talking about in the episode, the one in this link uses English and not Russian)

The Raketa Mike asked me about (the one he sent me a picture of)

Raketa Perpetual Calendar Movement

Raketa Copernic:

Oak and Oscar

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