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The Best Solar Watches of 2023 | Hands-Down, The Top Picks

Horology to me has always been about pushing the boundaries of what came before in order to perfect the art of timekeeping. But what’s important to keep in mind is that the means of pushing those boundaries have to be widely available to all and not a few. That’s why I firmly believe that solar watches represent the pinnacle of modern timekeeping.

Best GMT Watches On The Market Today

My first GMT watch was an Orient Star and after I freed it from the box it was delivered in I immediately set the GMT hand to PT (GMT-8), which is the timezone for Mike, my partner here at Two Broke Watch Snobs. After that I finally got it – I understood why GMT watches were so popular. I wasn’t just simply looking at my watch and seeing the time in two different timezones. I was creating a connection and reference point between myself and Mike. Every time I looked at that watch, I thought about Mike. I was hooked on GMT watches from that point.

Best Watches Under $1000 | When Quality, History and Value Meet

When I first started collecting watches I placed a lot of emphasis on that $1000 mark. Going over that price point was at the time a huge milestone for me – and ultimately I saw it as a rite of pass that every watch collector has to go through in order to be considered a “proper” collector. Only now I realize how absolutely misguided I was back then.

The Most Expensive Watches Ever | Where Rarity and Luxury Meet

There’s a fascination that watch collectors tend to have with the cost of a watch. There’s the obvious practical reality of how much you want or are willing to spend on a timepiece. But after being involved in watch collecting for so many years now I’ve noticed there’s another type of fascination in regards to price tags: How high can you go – what are the most expensive watches out there?

The Best Moon Phase Watches of 2023 | Mechanical and Quartz Options

In the world of watchmaking, a moon phase watch is one of those types of timepieces that always captures people’s imaginations. However, there’s also a sense that they’re incredibly expensive, which is technically true. But the world of moon phase displays isn’t exclusive to Omega Speedmasters, Rolexes, Jaeger-Lecoultre, and any other monolithic Swiss legacy brand you can think of. There are moon phase wristwatches out there that are both affordable and incredibly beautiful.