Best GMT Watches On The Market Today

My first GMT watch was an Orient Star and after I freed it from the box it was delivered in I immediately set the GMT hand to PT (GMT-8), which is the timezone for Mike, my partner here at Two Broke Watch Snobs. After that I finally got it – I understood why GMT watches were so popular. I wasn’t just simply looking at my watch and seeing the time in two different timezones. I was creating a connection and reference point between myself and Mike. Every time I looked at that watch, I thought about Mike. I was hooked on GMT watches from that point.

Best Watches Under $1000 | When Quality, History and Value Meet

When I first started collecting watches I placed a lot of emphasis on that $1000 mark. Going over that price point was at the time a huge milestone for me – and ultimately I saw it as a rite of pass that every watch collector has to go through in order to be considered a “proper” collector. Only now I realize how absolutely misguided I was back then.

The Most Expensive Watches On Earth | From Auctions to Retail

There’s a fascination that watch collectors tend to have with the cost of a watch. There’s the obvious practical reality of how much you want or are willing to spend on a timepiece. But after being involved in watch collecting for so many years now I’ve noticed there’s another type of fascination in regards to price tags: How high can you go – what are the most expensive watches out there?

The Best Moon Phase Watches of 2023 | Mechanical and Quartz Options

In the world of watchmaking, a moon phase watch is one of those types of timepieces that always captures people’s imaginations. However, there’s also a sense that they’re incredibly expensive, which is technically true. But the world of moon phase displays isn’t exclusive to Omega Speedmasters, Rolexes, Jaeger-Lecoultre, and any other monolithic Swiss legacy brand you can think of. There are moon phase wristwatches out there that are both affordable and incredibly beautiful.