Best Bronze Watches | Our Favorite Models For 2024

In a hobby where most people intend to preserve the look of their watch from the day they receive it, bronze is an interesting choice of material to use. It’s inevitable that it will darken and patina over time, which some watch wearers will love and some will hate. The look is polarizing, and if you would like to return it close to its original, beautiful, gold-like shimmer, you’ll need a counter-top chemistry lab utilizing lemon juice and baking soda. 

Grand Seiko SBGH295 Sōkō Frost: Did It Live Up To All The Expectations?

As a rampant Seikoholic, the question was not if but when I would get my hands on a Grand Seiko. As chance would have it, I was recently allowed the opportunity to spend time with a Grand Seiko of my choosing for this review. Now with a plethora of models that caught my eye, it was this Grand Seiko SBGH295 Sōkō Frost automatic that spoke to me most. But at $6,900 – is it worth the price?

Zenith El Primero A384 Revival: It’s Good, But Is It $10,000 Good?

The El Primero is easily on the Chronograph “Mount Rushmore” with its historical provenance and status as an industry icon, but we all have heard how some heroes are best left unmet. This watch also occupies a segment of the market that is fierce with competition, with plenty of suitors vying for the ten bands of your hard-earned cash that this El Primero demands. Does it live up to my lofty expectations? Let me tell you why it absolutely does.

Glashütte, Nomos, and Buying A Watch Abroad

My wife and I had been planning a trip to Germany for the better part of a year. I blame it on Atomic Blonde, the 2017 movie featuring Charlize Theron that takes place just before the Berlin Wall fell, or maybe it was Bridge of Spies? Either way, we were headed to Germany. Around the time we started planning, I started scheming. You see, there are watches in Germany. German-made watches…

Best Minimalist Watches | Our Top Picks For 2024

With a focus on function, minimalist watches keep everything you need to tell the time and get rid of almost everything else. You won’t find complications besides a date. Even then those examples are few and far between. Sometimes, they will even lack a seconds hand…

The Rolex Submariner | A True Dive Watch Icon With Some Faults

Rolex. The word alone elicits strong opinions from everyone who hears it. The average Joe thinks it’s the best watch out there, wealth enthusiasts drool, and watch enthusiasts go to civil war amongst themselves. There is a lot that goes into Rolex, and the Rolex Submariner is perhaps the marque watch of the brand, but I honestly have mixed opinions on Rolex and their place in the watchmaking industry.

Best Military and Tactical Watches of 2024

If you’ve been around the watch collecting game for a bit, you’ve probably stumbled on the significant military history tied into the very existence of wristwatches. The deeper you dig, the more you find that the essential need for a wristwatch sprung up some time during World War I and the emergence of this period’s archetypal trench warfare—long before the wristwatch was even mainstream.