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Japanese Watch Brands | The Best Kept Secret In Watch Collecting

In the watch world, Japan can be looked at as a microcosm of the entire industry. They contain affordable watches, micro brand watches, small independents, luxury, and some of the largest watch groups in the world. For other regions around the globe, you’ll have to shop across several different brand names, in many different countries, and in a variety of price segments to build a watch collection that includes affordable, microbrands, and luxury pieces. Japan makes that much easier, because you don’t have to leave the country’s borders.

Best Watches Under $2000 | Where Luxury and Value Meet

The $2000 price point gets you into entry level luxury territory. With a stack of cash this size you have access to complications like automatic chronographs, GMTs, varied material choices like titanium and enamel, and nearly any style of watch you could imagine. Check out our top picks for the best watches under $2000!

The Best Tritium Watches | Ever-Glowing Lume That Can’t Be Beat

While tritium watches are slightly more expensive than their Super-LumiNova counterparts and may lack that initial intense glow, they have some serious advantages. Rather than fading within hours, the glass tubes glow for up to 25 years! Despite its benefits, tritium remains the illumination underdog. This list of the best tritium watches celebrates the few brands currently using this exciting technology.

Here Are The Best Field Watches of 2023 For Every Budget

Field Watches may be one of the most ambiguous segments of the watch world, often with blurred lines between what constitutes a field watch and what doesn’t. If you were to create a Venn diagram of all the watch categories, field watches would be in the center with the most in common with all watch types.

The Best Microbrand Watches | Our Complete 2023 Guide

Watch enthusiasts are a passionate and sometimes picky bunch. We have boxes filled with mass market watches, but sometimes we want something a little more niche than what the bigger brands are producing. Thanks to the rapidly expanding market of microbrands offering direct-to-consumer timepieces, finding a unique watch has never been easier.

Best Chronograph Watches | The Must-Know Models For 2023

You’ll find chronographs in countless watch boxes all over the world right next to their dive and dress watch brethren. With the modern dive watch being largely unchanged from its release in 1953, the same can’t be said about the chronograph. Quartz and mechanical chronograph technology has come a very far way over the past several decades.

Best Titanium Watches: Our Top Picks For 2023

Titanium watches have been growing in popularity for the past few years. But are they a worthy alternative to stainless steel and exactly how far will your money go? Let’s look at some titanium watches and find out!

The Best Seiko Watches You Need To Know – Our 2023 Guide

As a child I only knew three watch brands: Rolex, Timex and Seiko. The first was an out of reach fantasy. The second could be purchased at the grocery store or found in Christmas stockings. The third was EVERYWHERE I looked from the clocks at school, to the big screen, and on my grandpa’s wrist.