Seiko Watch Reviews

At Two Broke Watch Snobs, we’re in love with any watch that offers reliability, value, and beautiful timeless designs. That’s fancy way of saying we love Seiko watches. So having a bunch Seiko watch reviews here on our site makes sense. Please explore the write ups we have available and also be sure to check out our weekly podcast! If there is a Seiko watch review you’d like us to conduct (and you’re not seeing it here), please just let us know at [email protected]

Grand Seiko Quartz Review: My Grail – The SBGV233

We tend to be pretty dismissive and downright snarky over here at Two Broke Watch Snobs – especially when it comes to pseudo-glorified “horological rites of passage.” Everyone needs a Rolex? No, shut up. Breaking $1,000 is something everyone needs to do? Nonsense. There’s a…

Seiko Tuna S23631 & S23629 Dive Watches

I’m really excited to see a more classic silhouette behind the handset and pricing that isn’t entirely absurd; when you consider some of the previous Spring Drive and high-end automatic variants.

Seiko Prospex SPB151 and SPB153 Dive Watches

After Seiko’s press “leak” earlier this year, watch fans were able to catch a glimpse at what sort of direction the brand might be taking in 2020. One of the watches we saw in the moderately affordable space was the Seiko SPB149, another recreation of the classic 62MAS.

Seiko 5 Sports “5KX” Review Ref. SRPD51

How can you talk about the refreshed Seiko 5 Sport without talking about the legendary SKX or 7002? You can’t. I tried to throw out all of my preconceived Seiko thoughts. It’s impossible.

Seiko SARB035 Review: Discontinued, Not Forgotten

I was pleasantly surprised at how well this “white dial dress” watch paired down with jeans and a ruggedly-hip flannel. Any SARB is perfect for a night out. Forget the Datejust or Oyster Perpetual. You’re killing it for under $500 USD.

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