Are Seiko Watches Good?

With roots going back nearly 150 years, Seiko is an iconic Japanese watch brand that has established itself as a benchmark for measuring success among other watch brands and a trendsetter in watchmaking.

As such, Seiko watches are considered quite good in the watch community, featuring a broad range of designs, price ranges, and functionalities. Please enjoy the below collection of individual reviews, write-ups, and news about Seiko.

To learn more about individual models, please read our piece on today’s best Seiko watches.

With GMT Hype Spread Thin, The Seiko 5 SSK025 Stands Out

2022 was another year that found itself with chart-topping horological hits capable of withstanding the test of time. March of 2022 saw the release of the Moonswatch, a watch that (love it or hate it) ushered in a new generation of collectors and energized the industry. At peak hype when these plastic collaborations were still as hard to come by at retail as a Rolex Daytona, Seiko dropped a bombshell that continues to be felt: the 4R34 powered dive style Seiko 5 GMT.

A Quick Look At The New Seiko Presage Classic Series

While I’m not one to usually find myself swooning over a new dress watch, I have to call out a nice release when I see it. The same thing happened when Grand Seiko announced the new SBGX355 … drool. But now we’re seeing something cool in a lower price tier from Seiko: the new Seiko Presage Classic series. I usually ignore the Presage collection outright (all that comes to mind are the Cocktail Time watches, which I can’t stand). However, with these new Presage models, we see an interesting incorporation of Japanese culture into the design, and I can get behind it.

Seiko Updates SPB Range Of 62MAS Prospex Divers

The Seiko Prospex SPB143 re-interpretation 62MAS diver has proven itself as one of Seiko’s most popular modern dive watches. It’s budget-conscious, durable, and captures the vintage vibes of the 62MAS while standing up to the rigors of daily use. Now, Seiko has decided to make some very small updates to the “1966 Diver’s Re-Interpretation” lineup that elevate the models in a very big way.

Seiko Expands Their Limited Edition Black Series For 2024

Introduced in 2018, the Seiko Black Series Limited Edition watches have served as stealthy alternatives to some of their most popular reissue watches. While several of those are meant to evoke the feeling of a vintage watch, the Black Series models always felt modern, tactical, and refined in their styling.

Grand Seiko SBGH295 Sōkō Frost: Did It Live Up To All The Expectations?

As a rampant Seikoholic, the question was not if but when I would get my hands on a Grand Seiko. As chance would have it, I was recently allowed the opportunity to spend time with a Grand Seiko of my choosing for this review. Now with a plethora of models that caught my eye, it was this Grand Seiko SBGH295 Sōkō Frost automatic that spoke to me most. But at $6,900 – is it worth the price?

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