The Seiko Prospex SPB143 re-interpretation 62MAS diver has proven itself as one of Seiko’s most popular modern dive watches. It’s budget-conscious, durable, and captures the vintage vibes of the 62MAS while standing up to the rigors of daily use. Now, Seiko has decided to make some very small updates to the “1966 Diver’s Re-Interpretation” lineup that elevate the models in a very big way. It’s the kind of change nerdy watch dimension critics love to see. But it’s also practical, and these watches now have 300m of water resistance. Here’s a quick look at the new Seiko SPB451, SPB453, and SPB455 dive watches.

These latest iterations have undergone a subtle makeover in their dimensions, resulting in slight reductions across key areas. Now boasting a refined 40mm diameter and a slimmer 13mm case height, these adjustments represent a marginal decrease of just 0.2mm from the SPB143. Similarly, the lug-to-lug measurement has been cut down to 46.4mm, which should prove even more wearable day to day.

I can get behind this reduction in the case size – it’s a move in the right direction. While the SPB143 had a commanding presence without veering into unwieldy territory, this modest downsizing brings a touch of vintage skin diver elegance. Additionally, the bracelet now features shortened links and a more compact clasp, which hopefully offers better comfort during extended wear.

Most impressively, water resistance has been increased by 100m, elevating the diver’s capabilities to an impressive 300m. Seiko’s achievement in augmenting water resistance while downsizing the case is commendable, particularly considering the watch’s target demo within this mass market segment.

And now… the new movement. The 6R55 delivers an extended power reserve of 72 hours, surpassing the previous 70-hour threshold. Additionally, the repositioning of the date window to 4:30 appears to be a strategic move to preserve the prominence of the 3:00 marker. Seiko’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the color-coordinated and circular design of the revamped date window, ensuring seamless integration within the dial.

When it comes to the dial variants, the new models offer a diverse palette, bringing us options in classic black (SPB453), rich blue (SPB451), and gray (SPB455). Notably, the SPB455 stands out as a special edition, distinguished by gold accents adorning the dial and bezel. On top of that, it includes a fabric strap fashioned from recycled plastics, underscoring Seiko’s commitment to sustainability. Learn more on the official Seiko website. These should start showing up at Seiko retailers in June


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