Ep. 124 The Try Before You Buy Dilemma

By: Two Broke Watch Snobs

This week’s show was inspired by Kaz’s recent experience with a Tiger Concept watch. Is it possible to actually determine what the authentic version of a watch will wear like based on the cheaper, copy version? Dealing with the difficulties of a growing prevalence on eCommerce means that sometimes we can’t try on a watch before we buy it, which may not be an issue for a $70 Seiko. But what about if you wanted to save up for months or years and really buy something expensive? Buying something sight-unseen for $2,000 or $10,000 is a huge risk – what if you hate it? Some people mitigate this risk by buying the fake versions of the watches they want to save up for in order to see how they wear? But is this the right approach?

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