Watches In The Wild: Ray Romano Wearing a Casio F91W During Latest Netflix Comedy Special

By: Michael Penate

Not long ago I was happy to spot a cool, affordable watch on the wrist of one of my all-time favorite comedians. During his first comedy special in 23 years, Ray Romano can be seen sporting what is essentially the cheapest, “snob-approved” watch you can get for around ten bucks. We’re talking about the Casio F91W* and after doing a bit of research, it seems as if the watch has been with him for the greater part of his career. Just another fun reminder that shows us this hobby doesn’t have to be expensive to feel awesome.

In a fairly recent article by the Los Angeles Times, Romano pointed out that he actually uses it as a tool to keep himself on track during performances. Check out this quick excerpt below — it really gives you an idea of how perfect the watch is for Ray in general.

When asked about his loyalty to his Casio F91W watch, he talks about how a recent “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” segment — which pointed out that the wristwatch was known to be used by Al Qaeda members as timers — wasn’t enough to make him swap it out. Of course, that’s not to say he didn’t fret about it for a moment.

“I’m sticking with it,” he says, noting it’s a relic of his stand-up days, used to time his sets.

The Casio F91W* is a no-nonsense tool watch (yes, I said it) that can pretty much nail any job it gets. While more rugged applications can perhaps be delegated to something like a DW5600 or even the Casio A168WA, this little F91W can hold its own and even works on a range of wrist sizes. You’ve got yourself a chronograph, a light, some alarms, and ton of vintage charm thanks to a design that has barely changed over the decades. What you see is what you get — kind of like Ray Romano.

Photo (Top): Ray Romano/Netflix

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  1. The wife and I have probably watched Everybody Loves Raymond at least six times over each episode. And I have seen him use that very watch in the show take it off while going to bed in a few episodes. For as successful as he is it’s interesting he has no interest in something else more refined.


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