Citizen Eagle 7 – 1 Year Later by James Kibble

If you were to take a look into my watch box, you would see a wide array of large, sporty, modern watches. To be expected of a 19 year old collector, I suppose. But out of the corner of your eye you will see this beautiful vintage piece coming in at 36mm. It’s the Citizen Eagle 7 dating back to 1974. I want to share the story of this watch; from when I first purchased it for £13/$17 over a year ago, to owning over 4 variations of the Eagle 7 during this year and why.

Russian Watches Part 2: The First Moscow Watch Factory (Poljot)

Nothing in Russian watch history is as important as the creation of the First Moscow Watch Factory (sometimes called the FMWF). From planning to construction, there were so many roadblocks, political cockblocks, and general goddam craziness that someone could write an Odyssean epic about its creation.

Russian Watches Prologue: It All Started with Zero…

I’ve spent 3 days trying to figure out the perfect opening for this article. The idea was to create an introduction so compelling that everyone and their mothers would literally weep for joy over their newfound love for Russian watches.