A new brand is carving its niche in the world of affordable luxury timepieces. Established in 2019, Oceaneva has swiftly garnered acclaim, delivering a fusion of craftsmanship, innovation, and adventure. As the brand marks its fifth anniversary this year, we invite you to delve into their steadfast commitment to excellence and our relentless quest for perfection.

The Legacy of Oceaneva

Oceaneva distinguishes itself in the luxury watch market not only for its striking aesthetics but also for its pioneering ethos. In 2021, we accomplished a groundbreaking milestone by sending our watches to the ocean’s depths, making us the first and only USA-based watch brand to conduct such real-world testing. This undertaking underscores our steadfast dedication to quality and dependability, even under extreme conditions. You can view these remarkable tests online and on Oceaneva.com. Our timepieces are crafted for bold adventurers and professionals who appreciate the essence of high-class horology.

Whether in the boardroom or the ocean’s depths, Oceaneva watches are designed to be your reliable companion, blending rugged adventure with refined elegance.

Innovation & Craftsmanship

Every Oceaneva watch exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship. Constructed from premium materials such as 316L surgical stainless steel, titanium, and nearly scratchproof anti-reflective domed sapphire crystals. Our watches transcend mere accessories; they are icons that withstand the test of time. Swiss-made movements guarantee precision, while features like 1250m to 3000m water resistance ensure our watches meet the demands of those who seek nothing but the best.

In an exclusive interview with the brand’s founder, we unearthed the passion and vision driving Oceaneva. The inception of Oceaneva stemmed from a desire to redefine luxury by introducing high-spec watches to the market without the exorbitant price tag. Drawing inspiration from the ocean’s depths and Geneva’s elegance, the brand has carved a distinct niche, offering unique color combinations and designs that resonate with a discerning clientele.

Interview with the Brand Owner of Oceaneva

Q: How did you come to start Oceaneva?
A: I was involved in the closeout/gray market watch business for 13 years and found it quite unfulfilling. The constant grind and the fact that success hinged on inventory availability, often selling other brands’ leftovers, led me to seek something more rewarding.

Q: Where does the name Oceaneva come from?
A: The name spontaneously occurred to me, combining “Ocean” with “eva” from Geneva, Switzerland—a place I visited often while in the closeout business. The brand’s logo was inspired by a Neptune statue in Virginia Beach, a location close to where I grew up and currently live. This inspiration led me to purchase the rights to a professional photo of it for the brand. I sketched the logo on a sketchpad in my bedroom one night at about 1AM while watching TV. Sometimes inspiration just strikes.

Q: How has business been?
A: Business has been off the charts. We’ve experienced stock shortages due to high demand, and our first watch sold out in May 2019. Our customers love the brand and the unique color options we offer in such high-quality luxury watches.

Q: Who designs Oceaneva watches?
A: Most of the design work is done by myself. I base my designs on my extensive experience in the watch business and feedback from our customer base, as we occasionally survey them to keep up with changing trends. I like the idea of helping our customer base design our watches.

Q: Is Oceaneva considered a microbrand?
A: While some people might label us as a microbrand, I don’t see us that way. Our substantial inventory and sales volume exceed what you’d expect from a microbrand. We’re a family-owned American brand dedicated to creating high-quality luxury pieces without the hefty price tag.

Q: How can you offer such great pieces at the prices you do?
A: We’re often asked this. Our low overhead costs and strategic location allow us to operate efficiently. Unlike many century-old watch brands that operate on a 10X markup, we choose not to follow that path.

Q: Do you only make dive-style watches?
A: Currently, yes, but we’re considering expanding our line to include a hand-wind dress watch with a Swiss-made mechanical movement towards the end of this year. The Movements are special orders with at least a 6-month wait for production, so that is what sets it into the future.

Q: What does the future hold for Oceaneva?
A: We plan to continue designing new products to meet the ongoing demand. Over the past five years, we’ve sold thousands of pieces and received several buyout offers from industry companies. We are uniquely positioned in the industry by being only one of six brands to ocean-test their pieces and being the only watch brand that specializes in extreme water resistance. However, I’m not interested in retiring yet. At 46, I still have a lot of ideas and am enjoying building the brand. We currently have a 3000m WR line and a 6000m line in development. I hope to get to the Mariana Trench with that one eventually. We have much left to accomplish. Hopefully, the customers will want to come along for the ride. (not literally)

Testimonials from Customers

The satisfaction of our customers speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and excellence. Here are a few testimonials from those who have embraced the Oceaneva experience:

“Unbelievable watch; everything is of incredible quality. It turns heads. Every time I wear any of my Oceaneva watches, everyone says, ‘Is that a Rolex?’ I usually respond, ‘No, this will go way deeper than a Rolex.’ Great company too.” – A Satisfied Customer.

“Received my DEEP MARINE EXPLORER III on 4/25/23, and the quality blew me away. I’ve owned a Rolex Submariner, and I think the fit and finish is better on my Deep Marine.” – A Satisfied Customer.

The Future of Oceaneva

Looking ahead, Oceaneva remains dedicated to innovation, designing new products that cater to our customers’ evolving needs. Our vision for the future is clear—to continue building upon our legacy of precision, durability, and style, ensuring that every timepiece we create symbolizes luxury and achievement.

Join us in celebrating five years of excellence. Explore the world of Oceaneva, where every sweep of the second hand tells a story of adventure, luxury, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Visit Oceaneva today.

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