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Ep. 120 Starting A Watch Collection in 2019 (The TBWS Way!)

2019 is already feeling like the end times - the Sword of Damocles feels primed to plummet down upon us at any moment... perfect time to talk watches! This week Mike and Kaz wanted to share their perspective on how to build a watch collection in 2019 the TBWS way.

Ep. #93 Bright Dials & Dive Watches

So what's the deal with brightly colored dive watches and the design manufacturers pursue for the sake of legibility under water? Are these models more desirable or functional than others? Why are some brightly colored Seikos so difficult to find?

Ep. #70 – Building A Watch Collection For $150

Think it's hard trying to start a watch collection for $1,000? Yeah? Well, try starting one for $150! That's what the Two Broke Watch Snobs try tackling this week and luckily, the solutions are diverse and creative. You don't have to dish out a bunch of cash to be a "watch enthusiast" these days.