Timex Watch Reviews and News

Q Timex Reissue Review – A 1970s Design in a Modern Package

Timex has been on a roll in recent years with re-releasing some of the most popular models from their past. The Q Timex is no exception.

Timex Easy Reader 35mm Review (T20461): Let’s Bring Back Expansion Bands

Very few watches (I can’t think of any outside of Timex) come standard with an expansion band, and so it’s a treat here - as Timex have fitted end...

Timex American Documents Watches

By bringing as much of their manufacturing process back to the USA, Timex has been able to produce a new line of products that stand out in their...

The Timex Mid Century: The Latest Timex/Todd Snyder Collab

The Timex Mid Century piece was revealed during NYFW (New York Fashion Week) and represents another interesting chapter in the partnership between...

Timex x Greats Bayman Dive Watch

One of the first things people might notice about this watch is its size and sand-blasted case. At 43mm, it's pushing the limits for me personally but...

TIMEX and Ingersoll: Two American Brands Strike Distribution Agreement

TIMEX Group announced earlier this month on July 20th, 2018 that they would be taking over product distribution for watch brand Ingersoll. The...

Podcast Episodes Featuring Timex Watches

Ep. 120 Starting A Watch Collection in 2019 (The TBWS Way!)

2019 is already feeling like the end times - the Sword of Damocles feels primed to plummet down upon us at any moment... perfect time to talk watches! This week Mike and Kaz wanted to share their perspective on how to build a watch collection in 2019 the TBWS way.

Ep. #93 Bright Dials & Dive Watches

So what's the deal with brightly colored dive watches and the design manufacturers pursue for the sake of legibility under water? Are these models more desirable or functional than others? Why are some brightly colored Seikos so difficult to find?