If you are into watches and haven’t noticed that Timex is making big moves lately, I envy you. You are truly living the dream of collecting in a vacuum. Chances are, most of us aren’t. We’ve even covered several Timex models here at Two Broke Watch Snobs.

Enthusiasts of any hobby tend to get overly serious when it comes to their passion. Why shouldn’t they? They have the right to defend and justify the time and financial resources that they’ve spent pursing their passion and these items. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and become a little less serious. The Timex X Peanuts collaboration allows watch enthusiasts to do just that. The Peanuts collection has a little something for everyone. Snoopy is the star of the collection, as he should be.

A mechanical movement Timex Marlin featuring Snoopy was a little too meta for me. The Timex X Peanuts X Todd Snyder seemed a little too overly branded. The Space Snoopy models were all at MSRP due to the Moon landing frenzy. I decided to chose the “Snoopy 38mm Fabric Strap Watch”. For technical purposes it’s a Timex Weekender.

When it arrived I popped the battery saver off the crown before I even took Snoopy out of his cloud and doghouse illustrated packaging. I hadn’t owned a watch with INDIGLO in almost twenty years. I was instantly reminded how handy the back-lit blue light is!

After fully removing the Timex Snoopy watch from the packaging, I quickly started to play with the hands. Most of the hands in the Peanuts collections are “hands” such as the Charlie Brown*, Linus*, and Lucy* models. The 38mm Snoopy was different. The hour hand is Snoopy’s arm holding a baseball. The minute hand is his other arm holding a baseball bat.

I was worried about not being able to read the time, but I was wrong. The dial was extremely legible at a glance. Timex kept the distractions to a minimum. Often when there is a graphic on a dial it gets cramped around the logo. With the Baseball Snoopy, Timex moved their logo to the right side of the dial to accommodate the illustration. They also deleted the seconds hand to keep it clean. (No loud “tick”!)

The red single-pass nylon strap needed to go. It was too loud and distracting. I swapped it for a 20mm single-stitch black leather strap, but you could use just about anything and it would work on the Snoopy Weekender.

Chasing modern limited editions and trying to market-time the vintage bubble had left me in a stressful place. The Timex X Peanuts collection helped me to regroup. It is an excellent reminder that collecting should be accessible and fun. I dare you not to fall in love with the Peanuts collection’s charm.

Featured Insights
• 38mm x 45mm x 9mm
• 20mm Lug width
• Mineral crystal
• Quartz Movement
• MSRP: Approx $60 – $70 (but some models are around $35 or so – way cheaper*)

Timex X Peanuts Weekender Dial Options

The cases are basically the same across all the models. Your dial options include other lovable folks from the Peanuts gang like:

Timex Lucy Weekender (TW2R41300)

Times Linus Weekender (TW2R41200)

Charlie Brown (Fabric Strap: TW2R41100 | Leather Strap:TW2T60900)

3 thoughts on “Timex Snoopy Watch Review: The Timex X Peanuts Weekender Collection”

  1. Nice review! I have the Charlie Brown and it is awesome. I will probably end up collecting most of these Timex collaborations – I have a moon Snoopy coming my way that I was able to use a 15 percent off coupon on.

  2. I just got into collecting Timex for fun. My take is mostly analog and a lot of Peanuts and Coca Cola but not at RRP. Half the fun is chasing a bargain. I have kept most mint but i like that Snoopy one and lime you I will change out the band to something a little less loud. Good review


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