Hey, everyone – Kaz here. This week I’m flying solo! My better half in Broke Watch Snobbery was unable to record last minute… and you know what that means? We’re talking about Soviet Union Watches! As many of you know, Soviet Union Horology is a huge part of my particular passion niche within horology. That’s why this week I wanted to talk about the 5 Vintage Soviet Union Watches That You Need To Know About.

These represent 5 watches tied to 5 different historical milestones within Soviet Union horology that I feel everyone needs to be aware of. There’s a lot of history and info in this one. Hope everyone enjoys.

Show Notes:

Pre-Revolution Russian Horology:

Russian Watches Part 1: Pre-Revolution Russian Clockworks (Huge Swinging Clocks!)

History of Poljot:

Russian Watches Part 2: The First Moscow Watch Factory (Poljot)

History of Vostok:

Russian Watches Part 3: The Vostok Watch Factory (Chistopol)

History of the Vostok Amphibia:

Ep. 78 – The Vostok Amphibia… That’s What The Whole Show Is About

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History of Raketa:

Ep. #139 History of Raketa Watches

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