Ep. 78 – The Vostok Amphibia… That’s What The Whole Show Is About


By: Two Broke Watch Snobs

Alright, guys – this is the big one. We’ve been threatening this episode for a while – this week’s show is entirely dedicated to the Vostok Amphibia. We discuss the history of the piece and just how much impact it had in Russia during it’s creation in 1967. Plus, Kaz breaks down some notable versions of the Amphibia and reveals some of his Vostok grail pieces. This show’s got history, movement geekery, sex-talk, and a whole lot more.

The reality is that the Amphibia is highly overlooked in the watch community, but it’s place is dive watch history is as important as any of its contemporaries. And those that overlook it can be missing out on bringing something incredibly fun and rich in history to their collection.

Show Notes:

Vostok Amphibia 120

Vostok Amphibia 420

Vostok 2209 Caliber

Vostok 2416 Caliber

…Meranom’s Basel Product Release

Vostok Classica (the one Kaz couldn’t remember on air)

Modern take on the 3AKA3 Dial

Mike’s Bulova Lunar Pilot Chronograph Review


Vostok Amphibia 710

USSR Time Database Search

Swing Lug Vostok from USSR Time

Raketa Amphibia

Slava Amphibia

Poljot Amphibia

The King Vostok

Modern Take on the Two-Crown Vostok

Steve Zissou

Fender Lake Placid Blue

TBWS History of Russian Watch Series:

Additional Fun Resources:


5 thoughts on “Ep. 78 – The Vostok Amphibia… That’s What The Whole Show Is About”

  1. Always having a great time with your podcasts while commuting. This one on Vostok Amphibia was really cool. Already sold two of my Vostok watches but thanks to you I will certainly get a third one. Regards from Germany.

    • I’m super happy you’re enjoying the show! I was honestly not sure if people were going to enjoy an episode entirely dedicated to the Vostok Amphibia, but so far the reception has been really positive.

      I would most definitely consider picking up a new Amphibia for the collection. Which one were you thinking about?


  2. The new two-crowns Vostok is on pre-order at Meranom. It’s not the Slawa Medical but it’s definitely worth the price 😉


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