This week the guys tackle the “F*ck You” watch. Now, where “Guilty Pleasure” watches are loved with a sense of guilt, the “F*uck You” watch is loved loud and proud. Sometimes existing outside our normal taste spectrum, and obviously existing far outside our normal budgets, the “F*ck You” watch topic is a safe space for horological enthusiasts to articulate their love for watches that are often ridiculous, ostentatious, or just plain weird. So come on, watchfam – what’s your “F*ck You” watch? Here were ours.

Mike’s Choices:

Kaz’s Choices:

Kaz Mirza( Co-Founder )

Kaz has been collecting watches since 2015, but he’s been fascinated by product design, the Collector’s psychology, and brand marketing his whole life. While sharing the same strong fondness for all things horologically-affordable as Mike (his TBWS partner in crime), Kaz’s collection niche is also focused on vintage Soviet watches as well as watches that feature a unique, but well-designed quirk or visual hook.

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