Ep. #174: The “F*ck You” Watch


By: Kaz Mirza

This week the guys tackle the “F*ck You” watch. Now, where “Guilty Pleasure” watches are loved with a sense of guilt, the “F*uck You” watch is loved loud and proud. Sometimes existing outside our normal taste spectrum, and obviously existing far outside our normal budgets, the “F*ck You” watch topic is a safe space for horological enthusiasts to articulate their love for watches that are often ridiculous, ostentatious, or just plain weird. So come on, watchfam – what’s your “F*ck You” watch? Here were ours.

Mike’s Choices:

Kaz’s Choices:

8 thoughts on “Ep. #174: The “F*ck You” Watch”

  1. Great idea; I’ll play. The Grand Seiko is the only possibly/maybe-reachable-with-discipline one: the rest sprint away from feasible pretty quickly! If affordability was not a thing, I’d enjoy each of these in the watch drawer:

    Grand Seiko SBGC231

    Ressence Type 5

    Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater in carbon

    Universal Geneve Compax ref.885105/01 (Evil Nina)

    Rolex 1680 Red Sub

    • I got to try on one of those Octo Finissimo’s (the titanium one I believe) – while it didnt really feel like an “everyday” watch to me, it was absolutely a “fuck you” watch and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it for this week’s show. Maybe next time mike and i return to the topic I’ll make one of these my picks. Thank you so much for commenting on the site!

  2. As long as its not simply a most money spent game:

    almost anything Breguet but a vintage Type XX would do the trick

    or maybe a Faberge Visionnaire DTZ

    or maybe a Harry Winston & Vianney Halter Opus 3

    • Just googled the Faberge – whoa lol. I’ve actually never seen this one before, but I can totally see this being a solid “Fuck You” watch purchase. Thanks for putting these on my radar – i’m going to have some fun now researching these just for my own general knowledge. Oh, and thank you for commenting on the site!

  3. my 3
    Ressence (pretty much any one..thanks Theador for reminding me of that one)
    MD&F (again pretty much any model)
    rolex day date presidential in platinum

    • Lol great call on MB&F – most of their models are pretty out there enough to force watch groups to draw lines in sand. But honestly at the end of the day, to be able to wear one would absolutely give you the “Fuck You” watch feeling – thanks for commenting here!

  4. Kaz, socioeconomic situation permitting, I really think the Bluesy is in your future as perhaps an “everyday one watch” (per the one most recent one watch guy episode). It’d look great and it’d be a perfect combo of simple/reliable and special/unique.

  5. I loved that episode, and it kinda inspired me to buy a “f*ck you” watch today. I’ve been looking at this one for a while. I’ve always been shaking my head when seeing it, but also finding it cool as f. Now that it’s discontinued I was afraid to miss the chance later on. The Breitling Chronomat 44 in gold and steel, with the black dial and gold subdials – that’s my FU-watch of choice. Flamboyant, loud and proud, and overdoing just about everything; A 500m wr pilots watch, all polished case and bracelet and raging 17 mm above the wrist.


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