Ep. #221 Another Round of Guilty Pleasure Watches

Kaz and Mike bring back an old-time favorite and run through another round of guilty pleasure watches that make them feel dirty all over. There’s a twist though – these watches are slightly more under-the-radar than you might be expecting. Plus, you’ll hear about some recent releases and a killer chronograph from Brew Watches. Enjoy!

Ep. #165: Guilty Pleasure Watches Part 5

Coronavirus, fashion watches… the guys have been tackling some big topics lately. This week, they hope to keep things light be revisiting and old-time favorite – guilty pleasure watches.

Ep. #101 Guilty Pleasure Watches Pt. 3

Kaz and Mike share their dirty fantasies in this latest installment of Guilty Pleasure Watches. Things get filthy and the guys also share some new stuff coming out on the site. Keep an eye out!

Ep. #62 – Guilty Pleasure Watches Pt. 2

Wooo! First Two Broke Watch Snobs episode of the new year, #watchfam! This week the snobs are bringing back a fan-favotire: Guilty Pleasure Watches – a watch that you really should’t love… but you just can’t help yourself! 0_o

2024’s Best Swiss Watch Brands | All Are Not Created Equal

Swiss watch brands are generally synonymous with luxury, fine craftsmanship, and status. But there are two issues everyone must consider when evaluating these brands: (1) “Swiss Made” is a very specific designation that is government-regulated; and (2) not all Swiss watch brands are created equal…

Ep. #174: The “F*ck You” Watch

Where “Guilty Pleasure” watches are loved with a sense of guilt, the “F*uck You” watch is loved loud and proud. What’s your “F*ck You” watch?