Ep. #162: Horology Instagram Trends That Need to Die

By: Kaz Mirza

Instagram has done a lot of good for the watch collecting hobby. But holy hell, it has its problems. Today, Kaz and Mike talk through some of their biggest issues with Instagram, trends that are taking the hobby by storm, and ways that the platform is harming growth overall.

There’s a super fun audio wrist check in order, and a big announcement at the very end. Tune in and share your thoughts. Are the guys just grumpy old men? Are they overreacting? You be the judge.

Show Notes:

Slava Medical

Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Diver

Timex M79

The Analog Explorer

Perpetual Girl

3 thoughts on “Ep. #162: Horology Instagram Trends That Need to Die”

  1. Hi Kaz and Mike,
    After listening to the news that Timex was coming out with a Batman Automatic watch in your ep 162, I quickly signed up for updates in the Timex website.
    The prices just came out today in the Timex Canada and USA.
    The price in Canada is actually cheaper than in the USA. C$339 vs U$279 (Canadian conversion *1.3= C$362).
    Best regards and keep up the good work at TBWS.
    Love your podcasts!

    Nicolas W

  2. Great episode! I don’t remember if it was this one or an earlier episode that you talked about doing Slack and Discord at some point in the future. I’m on both, but seems Discord will give you everything Slack will give you plus more. Just my $0.02, but I would say do one or the other, but for your sakes, I wouldn’t do both right now.


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