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MIAMI, FLORIDA — “Super discount! These aren’t just any leather watch straps… these are extremely high quality Hodinkee-brand straps,” says WatchHead1775, “not your cheap Amazon ones.”

Included in the lot are three pairs at fifty percent off retail for a BuyItNow price of $528 + $75 shipping—a bargain to any enthusiast who’s been coveting a watch strap bearing the website’s stamp.

Among the conditions noted the seller assures, “At least forty percent more life left in them (give or take). All have a couple extra holes made (sometimes on hot, muggy days my wrists expand but not enough to go into the next hole so I had to make some custom adjustments). Typical wrist smell and salt-sweat marks on the inside are to be expected. Discoloration where it’s been bent against the tang buckle is normal. Minor fraying along thread but this is also normal—a shoe repair guy can fix for nothing. The two crocodile straps were originally glossy but now they’ve got a matte texture (matte ones actually cost more on their website).”

While WatchHead1775 has done their due diligence to “scrape off most of the wrist cheese” they wish to highlight, “What you see is what you get. No low-balling. No returns! Looking to save up for some new ones because I’m not a huge fan of the distressed look.”

At the time of this post, no serious offers have been considered.

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