Archimede Watches: The 1950-2

By: Kaz Mirza

You can find all types of watch offerings from Archimede. Based in Pforzheim, Germany, the brand proudly features sports watches, dress watches, and (most well known) Fliegers. However all of these disparate timepieces are tied to together by wonderful case manufacturing, attention to detail, and a clear design vision. But with the heritage of Ickler Watch Manufacturing driving the brand to excellence, that isn’t surprising.

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That’s why it was an incredibly welcomed pleasure to be able spend time with Archimede watches in person at Wind Up SF 2019. One of the watches that I was quite taken with was the recently released Archimede 1950-2.

The second iteration of the 1950’s line, the overall design aesthetic of the piece revolves around evoking the elegance and classic nature of 1950s timepieces. It accomplishes this while also being incredibly appealing to modern sensibilities. The result is something timeless.

Specific to the new Archimede 1950-2, the dial features a more elaborate presentation with applied indices (a combination of triangles and Arabic numerals). Plus at 40mm in diameter and 44mm lug to lug, the wearing experience is fantastic and very well balanced. It’s honestly an excellent choice for someone who wants a vintage watch while being able to trust new modern construction. This is something that we will most likely try to get in for review down the road, so please stay tuned!

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Archimede 1950-2 Specifications:

  • 40mm in diameter | 44mm lug to lug | 9.8mm thick
  • Case made by ICKLER in Pforzheim
  • Available with either domed sapphire crystal or domed Plexi crystal
  • Sellita SW200 Movement
  • Available with black or silver dial (paired with a black or brown leather strap (or Milanaise mesh bracelet))

Check out more info on Archimede’s site and for more history and watch reviews, check out our Archimede Watches resource page!

Kaz Mirza( Co-Founder )

Kaz has been collecting watches since 2015, but he’s been fascinated by product design, the Collector’s psychology, and brand marketing his whole life. While sharing the same strong fondness for all things horologically-affordable as Mike (his TBWS partner in crime), Kaz’s collection niche is also focused on vintage Soviet watches as well as watches that feature a unique, but well-designed quirk or visual hook.

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