Archimede Watches: Reviews, History, News, and More

History of Archimede Watches and Ickler

Archimede is a relatively young watch brand established in the early 2000s and owned by Ickler GmbH, Pforzeim, Germany. Ickler has been making watch cases since 1924 and is responsible for the design & manufacturing of Archimede cases as well as assembly and quality control. While many people associate Archimede with pilot watches, their collection includes sporty dress watches, dive watches, chronographs and outdoor sports watches.

Archimede uses third party Swiss, mechanical watch movements from Eta and Sellita in most of their watches as well as the Citizen (Miyota) 9015 automatic movement in some of their dressier models. Their watch cases, however, are all manufactured in Ickler’s own precision machine shop. Using modern CNC machinery, cases are milled from solid blocks of stainless steel, titanium or bronze before being finished, polished and laser-engraved.

Members of the Ickler family still run the business and, in my experience, have been very accessible to answer technical questions and respond to service issues. Archimede watches can be ordered directly from the company’s website or, in the United States, from their sole U.S. retail dealer, Watchmann.

Are Archimede Watches Any Good?

Archimede is on the move. They have been steadily expanding their collection in recent years and building out a significant number of configurations for each of their watch families. For example, their Pilot series includes 11 models, 4 different case sizes as well as multiple dial colors and configurations. Some of their Pilot watches are available in bronze and titanium in addition to stainless steel. There are even models for lefthanders that position the crown at 9 o’clock.

One of Archimede’s most compelling and unique designs is the Outdoor series. I reviewed the Outdoor Protect for TBWS and found it to be attractive, durable, versatile and highly legible. Its size and hardened case make it a pleasure to wear in a variety of situations - read our full Outdoor Protect Review. The Outdoor series has grown to include an upsized, 41mm version with enhanced protection against magnetic fields in addition to a chronograph variant.

In a world where watch companies often imitate each other, Archimede often goes their own way. Consider the SportTaucher, or Sport Diver in English. It is a seriously tough and no-nonsense dive watch that doesn’t borrow any obvious styling trends nor does it pay homage to historical designs. This particular watch is not well publicized but if you want to learn more, read our  SportTaucher review.

Archimede also offers watches that display elegance with a sporty flair. TBWS co-founder Kaz Mirza was able to spend some time with the Archimede model 1950-2 at a watch gathering. He found it to be a timeless design with “modern sensibilities”. Read all about why Kaz was so smitten here.

Are Archimede Watches Expensive?

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” - Warren Buffett

Archimede offers a wide variety of mechanical watches in a surprisingly narrow price band. Most of their watches fall in between $700. and $900. but you can also acquire one of their dress watches for just under $600. On the upper end, their chronographs will cost you about $1,600. You can decide if that fits your definition of expensive. For me, Archimede is typical of German watchmaking. Robust construction, precision manufacturing and meticulous quality control are expected and delivered. In that regard, Archimede offers watches that appear more expensive than they are.

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