Surviving the #Watchfast: @brhwatches & The Seiko SRP777
By: Ben Hughes


Somewhere around Episode 21 Mike and Kaz coined the #watchfast challenge*. Nerds have been trying to prove their worth by sticking to it ever since. My first attempt failed, but the arrival of the Seiko SRP777 inspired me to give it another shot.

I have a weird history with this watch. I was hunting vintage 6309s when the Seiko SRP re-issue was announced. I loved it but I wasn’t sure about the size so I procrastinated while everyone else in the world bought one. A year later I tried one on in-store and hated it. It seemed too big; it sat weirdly, and I thought the Monster was better finished for less money.

Despite that, every time I saw a photo of the damn Turtle I wanted one. An opportunity came up to swap my Monster for a 777 and I decided to give it a shot. It came on a Super Jubilee and I fell in love immediately. I have no idea what I was thinking in the store.


The Setup…

So: the ‘fast. I like to wear dressier watches with business shirts and leave the divers for more casual times. My first hurdle was getting accustomed to wearing this beast under a shirt cuff. Despite its intimidating dimensions, the Turtle sits down on the wrist so well that it fits comfortably under most cuffs. The jubilee gives it a kind of dressy feel, too. After a couple off days I was fully adapted.

The next hurdle was (and I feel weird saying this) Instagram. Posting wrist shots is a regular piece of frivolity for me. Most people seem to disappear once the watchfast starts and turn up again on day 30, but I didn’t want to do that. I figured if I was looking at the same watch every day, so could everyone that follows me (this may have not been a good profile-building strategy).

Taking The Plunge:

The first week of the fast was little weird. I’d get other watches out and look at them, or re-arrange my watch boxes. I changed the Seiko Turtle’s strap every day. The second week I decided that all I needed was the Turtle and a dress watch, and the rest of the watch world could go to hell. I even emptied my watch box and started looking at how much I could sell everything for.

By the third week I’d regained some sanity. I was still swapping straps almost every day, but had decided that my Oris Aquis and a few of my vintage Soviets could probably stay. At the start of the last week I put the Jubilee back on and left it on. I didn’t look at my other watches, and lost track of which fast day I was up to.

Conclusions & Considerations:

The deeper I got into the fast, the more I appreciated the watch. It has some cool angles, and nice finishing, but mostly it’s just about perfect at being what it is. It is quintessentially Seiko in design, execution, and price – and that makes it one hell of a tool watch. Over the past month it has had to put up with trail running, the gym, showering, power tools, and trampoline wrestles with 4 kids.

I started to slip away from the watch world. There were still a couple of podcasts I listened to, and I’d drop into Instagram and Facebook once or twice a day. But I was less interested in watch news and watched a lot less YouTube reviews.

The fast also prompted me to think more about my collection. I have sold a few pieces and a few more will follow. The Turtle, and the fast, have raised the bar in terms of what I expect from a watch. I feel a bit more settled and less manic about this crazy hobby.

*Editor’s Note: the #watchfast challenge is the self-initiated practice of wearing one watch for an entire calendar month or 30 days straight – the goal is to learn more about yourself as a collector for the purpose of growing and progressing your horology chops… or it’s just bragging rights – who knows.

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