Haiku Review: The Seiko Sumo SBDC033 (The Blumo)

By: Kaz Mirza

Preface: so after episode 71 of the podcast where we talked about watch writing and horology photography, I wanted to try something different. In an effort to curb my normal foul-mouthed verbosity (and to create a more efficient review free of fluff and bullshit) I’m writing a Seiko* Sumo review with Haikus. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below – this was actually a lot of fun to work on.


First diver purchased
Two years ago for a cruise –
Expectations? None

Not too much online
And not too many reviews
But something called me

Perhaps the dial
Or it could have been the case
– something connected

Ordered the sumo
– sized the bracelet – put it on.
I never looked back.

The Case:

Though wide, case curves well
sits comfortably on wrist –
Brushed and polished steel

Long sweeping curves stretch –
connect lug tip to lug tip
– Bold but subtle case

Though the case is big
It by no means is bulky
– Balance from soft curves

Case surrounds bezel
Grips exposed at 6 & 12 –
Not common, but fun.

The case curvature
with the brushed and polished steel
– A dressy diver

The Dial:

Blue – blue – wide hue range
Blumo hue varies in lights
One watch – many sides

Applied round markers –
Bold matte lume wrapped in polish
– Legibility

White details contrast
leverage both light and dark
– Legibility

Beveled chapter ring
Creates depth and eye-intrigue
– Legibility

The Bracelet:

Solid steel endlinks
Tops are brushed – sides are polished
Dress/Tool – in between

Lug width an issue
Some folks feel it is too small
Small bracelet – Big watch

But dress and tool meet
When bold features are balanced
Small bracelet – Big watch

Lug to lug profile
Gives wrist presence and comfort
But strap pairings? Tough

Space from case to lugs
too large so most straps can’t fill –
Watch can look bucktoothed

NATOs are best choice
Other than stock bracelet, though-
no fault in either

The Movement:

The 6R15
Date wheel – 23 jewels
50 hour reserve

Accurate and true
Hand-wind and automatic
“Seiko, use it more.”

Final Thoughts

One watch – many sides
Dress diver meets tool diver
– Often overlooked

With Seiko divers
SKX – turtle – big names
Sumo gets sidelined

Key quality here –
Strange among Seiko divers
-where dress and tool meet

Seiko divers are
core utility drivers
-but not the Sumo

Easy to pass by
The Seiko sumo could be
But a gem to miss


Standard MSRP for the Seiko Sumo has fluctuated a lot recently, especially with the addition of the new Gen 3 models. But check out the popular Seiko Sumo models below – a lot of fun dial colors for a Seiko Diver that doesn’t get enough love from the watch community.

8 thoughts on “Haiku Review: The Seiko Sumo SBDC033 (The Blumo)”

  1. This is so good Kas
    So much fun to read out loud.
    I need a Sumo now.

    Yah so that’s fucking hard and I sound like a third grader. Great picture.

    • Haha it was crazy difficult to have it not sound like I was in grade-school! Glad you enjoyed the review, man – I want to do more of these. And I freaking love photographing the Seiko sumo – so much fun

    • Hey, dude – lol super happy to hear that! Glad you’re still digging the show and that you liked this Seiko Sumo review – thought the haiku theme would make it more fun while also keeping the reading experience efficient.

  2. I really enjoyed this style of review, especiually for a Japanese watch. I imagined movie scene with a drunken Samurai drinking Saki while reading your haikus… Near the end, he gets mad, draws his sword and cuts a Rolex from the wrist of a Gaijin. The Rolex hits the floor. The victim keeps his hand but looks incredulous. The katana is re-sheathed. The samurai orders mor saki! Then you hear a gong sound. Roll the credits… ha ha

  3. Kaz, nice work.
    Love my blumo.
    It’s almost too fancy. I may need to try a different strap to chill it out.
    Tempted to get one of those crafters blue rubber straps for mine as they are designed for the sumo.


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