LOS ANGELES, CA — Last Friday, Dave Nelson was all too eager to broadcast a milestone nine months in the making.

“New watch alert!  Finally, super thrilled to share my JLC Master Control with the watchfam.  So buttery smooth.  Been looking forward to this for almost a year!  The perfect watch to pair with my kid’s birth.  Can’t wait to pass it on someday.,” adding, “JK!  Get your own, sucker!  #littlethings #nwa #JLC4life  #wristshot #watchesofinstagram #likeforlike.”

The announcement, shared via social media, depicted Nelson’s wrist hovering over an amorphous blue figure, resulting in over 40 likes.

News was warmly received, with one follower commenting, “LOL.  Nine months.  Classic woman.  Taking her sweet time.”

In corresponding with Nelson, he recounted the challenges behind the image that brought him so much fanfare.  “Besides the crying, it was super hard to focus on the watch with the baby squirming in the background.  It’s like, ‘ugh quit moving, you’re messing with my autofocus.’ Lol.”

Verbal discussions highlighted the struggles and pressures that come with a user-base of over two hundred followers. “Most of my stuff was getting sort of stale,” he admitted.  “Wrist shots in front of my Porsche steering wheel… wrist shots in front of sunsets. Anything during ‘golden hour’ is fair game, really. Wrist shots next to glasses of Blue Label… yadda yadda. Looking back I can’t help but cringe a little with all that sameness, so it’s kinda nice being able to produce some new content.”

“But back there,” he continued. “Waiting in that hospital waiting room, I just got that feeling of inexplicable pride, you know? Like, there are only so many opportunities where a guy can rest on his laurels for accomplishment in life. But there, wrapped around my arm, it was as though my Jaeger was looking back at me as if to say, ‘Hey.'” He stalled for dramatic effect. “‘You fu**ing did it, bro.'”

What’s next for the amateur photographer? “No joke, I must have at least a dozen guys pingin’ me for prints, so you tell me!”

Nelson wants readers to know that he’s available to discuss iPhone camera tips via direct message through his Instagram handle, @omgwtfbbqJLC.

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