Orient Announces Their New Nami Diver Watch


By: Kaz Mirza

Orient Announces Their New Nami Diver Watch

By: Kaz Mirza

We usually get pretty excited about Orient Watch news around here, but we get especially excited about Orient Dive Watch news! Let me introduce you to the Orient Nami diver, a fun, modern expression of a classic vintage dive watch.

The Orient Nami diver was designed to balance the line between aesthetics and reliability. With features like 200m water resistance and a unique case design composed of crisp, clean lines, the Orient Nami continues the tradition of its Orient Diver predecessors by being extremely versatile. But in this Broke Watch Snob’s opinion, it seems like an absolutely wonderful vacation watch, or perhaps a solid summertime watch.

Unique for the brand, the Orient Nami features a flat bezel, which seems to work in tandem with its 46mm case to offer bold wrist presence. If 46mm sounds a bit too large, it’s important to note the dramatic slope in the lugs, which was implemented to promote maximum comfort across multiple wrist-types. Plus the Nami’s integrated strap should also help the watch “hug” your wrist.

The interior of the watch is haloed by the chapter ring decorated with Arabic numerals in increments of 10 as opposed to simple hashmarks. This is a design choice that promotes both a simple design and great dial legibility – a must for any diver. The applied markers are simple bars hugged by a thin, polished finish. You’ll also note that in conjunction with the markers, classic pencil hands and a sleek (but striking) spear-tipped seconds sweep offer a strong visual focal point for the Orient Nami.

There are currently two varieties of the Orient Nami being offered: (1) Carbon Black (ref. FAC09001B0) and (2) Midnight Blue (ref. FAC09004D0). The Carbon Black features a grid, waffle-like texture that comes off a touch more modern-sporty; and the Midnight Blue’s dial is a deep, rich ocean hue that features a sunburst finish for a very sporty, but refined flavor. Please note also that the Carbon Black comes with an integrated leather strap and the Midnight Blue comes with an integrated rubber strap.

What also catches my attention in the Orient Nami is that it’s powered by the Orient Caliber F6724, the latest in-house movement innovated by Orient that offers far more (IMO) than the sum of its parts. The F6724 hacks, manually winds, beats at approximately 21,600 VPH, and features an automatic winding rotor. Plus it has a date window and 40+ hours of power reserve.

The Orient Nami Carbon Black is priced at $445 and the Midnight Blue is available at $375 on OrientWatchUSA.com!

Personally, I love the blue – but I’m curious to know the #watchfam’s thoughts and opinions. Sound off in the comments below guys – this is a release that we’re pretty stoked to talk about!

Additional Specs:

  • Screw-in Case Back
  • Screwed-down Crown
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Case Diameter: 46mm (without crown)
  • Case Thickness: 13mm
  • Bezel: 120-click, Unidirectional
  • Mineral Crystal

Photos: Orient

22 thoughts on “Orient Announces Their New Nami Diver Watch”

  1. I like the look of this, especially the midnight blue. You said everyone should own one Orient… maybe this one could be my one. Looking forwarding to hearing more about this one.

    • Yea that blue looks really good – I would say definitely wait on hearing more direct info before you pull the trigger on this one – we’d love the opportunity to potentially get one in for review, so be on the lookout if we can make that work out!

    • Hm, hard to say – it looks like the ends of the straps are curved in order to hug up right next to the case so there’s no gap between the strap and the watch case. It doesn’t look like there are drilled lugs but it’s possible there are spots under the straps to fit a spring bar tool.

      We’re in contact with Orient USA and I’ll be levying everyone’s questions their way to get some answers. Hopefully also as time passes we can try and get one in for review.

      • If anyone is still wondering about the watch strap removal… Yes, you can remove it with a springbar tool there are openings under the strap to get to the springbars. thx.

  2. Looks nice…might wait to see more shots of this on the wrist before I pull the trigger. I love Orient, but I’ve always thought they should get rid of the “Water Resist” on their dials.

    • Totally hear you, man – more shots would really help a lot. We’re hopeful that as time passes we can try and get one in for review to give everyone a good assessment with lots of photos.

      You know I didn’t even see the “Water Resist” on the dial till you mentioned it lol – so all Orient divers have that?

  3. Glad that you guys are doing release news like this. Really like the look of this watch but 46mm is damn big. Doesn’t matter how comfortable it is, it won’t make it look any better on wrist.

    • Thanks, man! We’re really excited to keep getting cool stuff up on the site for the watchfam to dig.

      I agree that 46 is huge – but I’ve learned that the diameter alone is never really the deciding factor. The real test is actually just experiencing the entire thing on the wrist.

      Hopefully down the road we can get one in for review – would love to be able to give everyone a really good rundown and assessment of this watch with a lot of photos.

  4. I think you’ll have to get some wristshots to truly see how it fits on various wrists. 46mm sounds pretty big to me. I like the blue style, but based on this pricing and comparing it to the Mako USAII, I would probably go for the Mako.

    Would like to know more about the integrated strap as swapping them out does sound difficult. And the leather on a dive watch that may be difficult to change? I don’t know.

    The black waffle, or really a faux carbon fiber weave isn’t really doing it for me as well.

    Interesting news and I’m glad you guys got to post it.

    • Yea the straps and the size seem to be the biggest factors that are causing people to wobble on this piece.

      Gun to my head, I’d side with you on the Mako – it’s also incredibly hard to beat that watch in its price category lol.

      Mike and I are hopeful that we can get one of these NAMIs in for review. I’d love the chance to be able to offer you guys a real world, proper assessment of this watch because (to your point) press shots alone just can’t do it.

  5. A shot of the back of the watch would help understand how hard a strap change will be. You also have to consider the hieght of the watch to where the lug is in the arm. There might be a lot of case above the lug bar and this will make the watch look a lot taller. Also makes some thinner strap look goofy.
    The blue is a nice color and I agree with PSdance, a faux carbon fiber is kinda …meh.
    I see a lot of Seiko in the hands. Which isn’t bad.
    At this price, considering you will be about to find it for less in grey market, this looks like a cool updated looking diver.

    • Agreed, dude – hopefully we can get one of these NAMIs in for review since that seems to be the best way to get a sense of how difficult (or easy, really) it will be to change the straps (in addition to seeing how the thickness plays on the wrist).

      I’m planning on compiling all the questions here in this post and sharing them with Orient USA to hopefully get you guys some answers in the mean time.

      Thanks for writing in, dude! And I totally agree – I understand why they’re offering the grey, but that Blue dial is just where it’s at IMO

  6. I bought the blue one and love it. 46mm fits well along the wrist (7 inch wrist) and it still easily fits under the cuff. Couldn’t recommend it enough, good new recipe for divers IMHO

      • Hey! We’re still waiting on getting this piece in for a hands on review. But after speaking with Orient USA it looks like you can swap the strap out!

        • Kaz, thank you; FYI, I have an email from Orient USA customer service that says in order change the rubber strap on the blue model to leather which comes on the black dial model, I would need to order a leather strap from them for a price of $30.00 and it would take abot four weeks. A conventional strap will leave a gap due to the curve of the lugs according to them, as would a bracelt. I hope you have better news once you get one it to see. For me, this would be a deal killer.

          • Yea that’s the same case with my Seiko Sumo. I mean, you could totally still put another strap on there (bracelet wouldn’t work), but you’d have to be ok with the gap being there. You could also even throw it on a NATO – that would totally work I believe. But there are other places that sell integrated/curve ended leather straps (Hirsch for example), so you don’t have to feel like you’re locked down in your strap options. But once I’m able to actually get my hands on one and do a write up we’ll have a better idea.

  7. Late to the party but received my ‘carbon fibre’ nami yesterday and better than pictures indicate. There is an illusion of depth obtained by their treatment of carbon fibre and raised hour indicators that is nice.

    While a bit concerned with size since I’m 5’10” and 160lbs the watch looks great on, perhaps because it’s not ‘bling’ like so many large watches appear. I saw some complaints about gritty screw down fob but mine is smooth, you can hear the winding ratchet if hold to ear while winding and that ratchet moves when screwing down crown, maybe that’s what some complain about? Also heard complaints about the 120 click bezel being hard to rotate and all I can say is mind is perfect with just right resistance. Also love the flat bezel. While I would have preferred a sapphire watch crystal I now wonder if that would take away some of the clarity and feeling of depth to watch face?


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