Yep, okay. Maybe this is the MoonSwatch I’ll finally lust after. And in fact, I don’t think I’d be alone in saying that. Since their introduction, there’s been so much noise about the MoonSwatch models that I eventually started tuning them out. Moonshine this and that … I just didn’t care to keep up with the releases. However, that didn’t change the fact that I really am a Speedmaster fan at heart and I always liked the idea of owning a Moonswatch. But one didn’t really make me jump up and ready myself for the crazy hunt involved with these watches. Until now.

After months of teasing, Swatch has finally unveiled its highly anticipated Snoopy-themed MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase. This latest addition to the MoonSwatch lineup features an all-white colorway, boasting a pristine white dial, case, and strap. Notably, Snoopy and Woodstock grace the upper right sub-register, a charming nod to their iconic perch atop Snoopy’s doghouse in the Peanuts comic strip. Much like we see with the now-historic Snoopy Speedmaster models, this design nod pays tribute to Snoopy’s importance in the realm of space flight, safety, and NASA.

Inspired by Omega’s celebrated 2015 Speedmaster Silver Snoopy limited edition, where Snoopy took center stage, the MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase further amplifies Snoopy’s role. Here, Snoopy assumes a more dynamic position, adorning the moon phase disc in the 2 o’clock sub-dial, symbolizing the lunar cycle’s 29.5 days. Moreover, under UV light, a hidden quote from Snoopy’s comic strip—”I can’t sleep without a night light!”—emerges, adding an enchanting touch to the timepiece. It’s one of the most endearing executions of a moon phase disc I’ve ever seen, and the glowing crescents, text, and stars just totally make it for me.

Similar to the initial launch of the first MoonSwatch watches, the Mission to the Moonphase will debut exclusively at select Swatch stores beginning March 26. Given the past fervor and limited availability, scalpers will probably have a field day with these, mirroring the trend established by previous Snoopy-themed Speedmasters and MoonSwatch models. With its whimsical design and restricted release, the MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase is poised to captivate both watch enthusiasts and Snoopy aficionados, injecting a playful spirit into Swatch’s esteemed collection.

Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Mission To The Moonphase Specifications

Case Size42mm (diameter) x 13.75mm (thickness) x 47.3mm (lug-to-lug)
Water Resistance3 bar
MovementQuartz chronograph with moonphase indicator
Case MaterialBioceramic

We’ll see just how tough it is to snag one of these. Get ready for crazy lines, MoonSwatch madness, and watch YouTubers complaining about a plastic watch again. To learn more about the MoonSwatch Mission To The Moonphase, visit the official Swatch website.


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