Long Island Watch Launches ‘Your Watch, Your Way’ Customization Platform

By: Michael Penate

This week’s TBWS Podcast episode prompted some profound opinions surrounding what kind of news we should and shouldn’t cover. Naturally, we got some great feedback and I feel like today is the perfect time to deliver on our promises. If you’re just making it through your workday, you’ve probably consumed the usual watch content before your break, but I think this story will probably get little-to-no attention. Today, Mark from Long Island Watch has announced “Your Watch, Your Way,” a customization platform geared at enthusiasts seeking modded watches without the hassle – specifically in the Seiko camp. It allows you to customize several wristwatch specs – ranging from hands to dial, crystal, and more – right before checkout. To me, it looks like such a cool experience and something we just had to write about.

Before the conspiracies start to leak, I just have to say that this post is in no way sponsored. Mark runs one of our favorite USA-based retail outlets and it was just a pleasure to see this launched. In the video above, you’ll see Mark run through the various points of “Your Watch, Your Way” functionality and even take a closer look at the watch he customizes. Not long ago, I purchased an SKX007 directly from Long Island Watch, and I just wish I had the chance to upgrade the crystal. The experience was great, shipping was fast, and something like this would just be the icing on the cake.

I’m embarrassed to mention how many Seiko mods I’ve personally ruined, so it’s cool to see someone offering a hassle-free approach integrated right into the e-commerce experience. Lead time from Long Island Watch is 2-4 weeks and it seems like a small sacrifice if you consider the fact that these will be professionally modded by a reputable dealer. To learn more, visit the Long Island Watch official site.

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