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Ep. 54 – Wind Up NYC 2017

Wind Up NYC 2017 is over - and Mike & Kaz made it back alive! The guys sit down to share their favorite moments and experience from the show this year. Truth is that Wind Up NYC 2017 ended too soon this year, but overall the whole weekend exceed expectations. The best part though? Meeting TBWS listeners!

Ep. #53 – Pre-Wind Up NYC 2017 & Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona

Mike and Kaz get ready for Wind Up NYC 2017 by talking about the brands they're most excited to see. Also, don't kill gators - Kaz's wisdom has spoken. Mike is also taking steps in the right direction to combat his photo of black watches - he decides to pull an old surprise favorite from the watch box. Also, what's your opinion, #watchfam - 60-click bezels or 120-click?

Ep. #49 – Watch Adventures, Microbrands, and Horological Eggplants

Huge shout out and a thank you to our two most recent community guest contributors" Alexander Van Slyke and Fred Nicolaus! The Two Broke Watch Snobs sincerely thank you from the bottom of our snobbish hears for sharing your awesome stories with the site. In relation, serious - what's cassava, guys? Someone has a produce related meltdown pretty early in the show...