KANSAS CITY, MI – Elijah Baker, a regular contributor to the r/Watches Reddit forum, has taken his message to the masses via world wide web, “Stay away from Doxa—their lume totally sucks” adding, “while somehow blowing at the same time.”

To contextualize the assertion, Doxa is a brand with ties to the water on-par with Omega’s claims to the moon; an attack on its legibility under duress is no consideration to dismiss.  However, neither is Kroeger’s reputation.

As a “veteran of dive watch reviews for over three years,” the Kansas-City native and part-time blogger is no slouch when it comes to immortalizing his opinions for his thirty-six subscribers. “People come to me because they know I don’t pull punches… because when it comes down to life or death and you need to rely on your lume to tell you how much oxygen you need or have left or whatever, there’s no room for misinterpretation.”

While Baker had admitted to not attempting practical diving application firsthand, his insight was no less valid. “You don’t have to be a scuba guy to know what works.  When I tried my Surefire on my buddy’s Black Lung, for example—I sh*t you not, it only glowed half as bright as when I tried it on my Seiko Padi. Here, look…” He retrieved his flashlight from a pocket holster to replicate the scenario for our crew after flagging the beam’s intensity.

“Look at that brightness.  Three hundred lumens—classic Surefire.”  Baker transferred the ray from our vision to his Seiko’s dial.   “Now, check out the Padi lume.”  He cupped his hand around the dial to demonstrate its charge. “Tell me that isn’t just as bright.”

While his Doxa observations were limited to the Super-Luminova’s performance, Baker assured us, “It’s all a tell-tale sign for quality—everything else follows.  It’s no wonder they try to compensate with bright orange all the time.”

The blogger halted his light show to finish the remainder of his Red Bull and crushed the can in hand.  “For real though, I wouldn’t even trust a Doxa while watching Shark Week.”

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