Farer Split-Second Flyback Quartz Chronograph Watches

By: Michael Penate

Farer Universal has been proving itself as one of the world’s most visually interesting, value-driven brands for some time now. With a growing collection of chronographs, GMT models, divers, and more, the brand has produced something for everyone – often times applying funky color combos that can seem dividing. For some time now, I’ve personally found it difficult to get behind their designs, especially after the growing price point found in their recent releases. However, this week Farer announced the release of their Ainsdale and Pendine Split-Second Flyback Quartz Chronograph watches. Now, “split-second” and “flyback” aren’t usually terms you’ll see here on TBWS but because these are quartz watches, the value proposition is actually quite compelling. This is the first time I’ve considered a Farer Universal watch in a long time.

I’ve often said that I really only need one chronograph in the collection and the exception would be to branch out into different chronograph camps – like a flyback or a split-second. Both of those iterations build on the initial complication and either let you reset to time a new event without stopping (a flyback) or time two independent events (split-seconds). This new collection from Farer combines both of those options at a price just a hair over $600 USD. If this thing were mechanical, well, you probably wouldn’t see us bringing it up here. The two models have been designated as the Pendine (light dial) and the Ainsdale (dark dial).

The watches should also be especially light on the wrist, considering the Swiss-made ETA 251.294 FK PowerDrive Precision quartz movement and the 39.5 x 45 x 11mm case. The same form factor can be found on their earlier Oxley GMT – the first Farer watch that really caught my attention. Each version focuses on its own, playful color combo and has the same bronze crown that has become a design staple for Farer. On watches like divers and GMTs, it was difficult to fall in love with the wacky approach. But to me, it just seems to work on this pair of chronographs. If it were my money, I’d go for the cream dial Pendine thanks to the cool combination of blue and red split-second hands.

Farer Split-Second Flyback Quartz Chronograph Specs

  • Case Diameter: 39.5mm
  • Thickness: 11mm
  • Water Resistance: 5 ATM
  • Movement: ETA 251.294 FK PowerDrive Precision Quartz
  • Crystal: Sapphire Box
  • Strap: Barenia bridle leather, 316L stainless steel buckle fastening (20mm)
  • Price: $625

Let’s not kid ourselves; $625 isn’t cheap for a quartz watch, but I think you really have to admire that Farer is still messing around with the sub-$1k price category. The brand seems really into creating a wide spectrum of products for a diverse audience and I love that most of their watches are visually unique. We’ll be keeping an eye on these and will probably bring them up on the podcast soon. For more information, visit the official Farer Universal website.

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