The boys are back in town and ready to share some fun details about their travels. Mike shares his personal watch buying journey in Hong Kong and the guys reflect on the things they learned after seeing how the sausage is really made.

Listen in for some details about the most recent giveaway and Kaz’s personal declaration of war on bees everywhere.

Show Notes

Seiko SBDC033*

Seiko SRPC39*

Seiko SARY075*

Watch Outz

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

Ronda Caliber R150

Deep Blue



LeJour Mark 1

EMG Nemo


1 thought on “Ep. #96 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2018 Megasode”

  1. Mike congrats on the watch. I owned the SRPC039 about 6 months ago. I think it is better finished than the SRP’s imo. It also fit my wrist better. I did remove the cyclops on mine and grease up the crown threads.

    The Bottle Cap I recently sold. It is a great wearing watch and fits just like a regular Tuna. I did a video comparing the two


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