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Want to know what TBWS is planning for their 6,000 Instagram follower giveaway? Be sure to listen in this week to find out! This episode also details some of the pitfalls and benefits collectors experience when deciding to pursue the vintage game.

The guys are also gearing up for their upcoming trip to the Hong Kong Watch & Clock fair, so tune in find out how things are going for them. You can expect detailed coverage in the coming weeks and some good ol’ horological shenanigans overseas.

Show Notes

Seiko SKX175

Tudor Black Bay GMT

UncleSeiko Z199 Reproduction

Seiko SBDY015

Omega Seamaster 30

Toxic NATOs Watch Repair

Orient Mako II

TBWS YouTube Channel
Smiths W10

Poljot 3133

Longines Legend Diver

Hamilton Chrono-Matic II

Action Comics 1

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  1. Another pro: vintage watches were made before the current dynamic of globalisation/outsourcing, so you can be reasonably certain that your watch (IF it’s authentic) was made in one factory or at least in one country.

    In the case of Soviet watches, they were also sheltered from the standard free market forces that every company experiences in the West, just by the nature of their command economy. There wasn’t the same profit motive as there is for Western companies or modern Russian companies. This allowed them to make some really rather weird designs that probably wouldn’t have been profitable to make for Western companies, and some watches were made essentially at a loss just to chase some technical/propaganda goal (e.g. Vostok Precision).


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