After having a blast focusing on the Vostok Amphibia, the guys tackle another iconic watch in the affordable spectrum, the Seiko* SKX007. Before kicking things off though, Kaz and Mike look back at what it was like growing up in south Florida and getting excited about air shows. Thankfully, the Blue Angels allowed for a quiet recording session, even though they were performing all weekend close to downtown Seattle.

Kaz then introduces us to some pretty amazing G-Shock watches that were just released as the guys remember how cool it was to have a “Baby G” in middle school. These come in a ton of cool colors, so anyone can find a style that fits.

Finally, they guys go through some detailed background on the Seiko diver and how these iconic designs eventually brought us to the Seiko SKX007. Be sure to listen in and let us know what role the Seiko SKX007 has played in your very own watch collecting journey.

Show Notes

Boeing Seafair Air Show

F/A 18 Hornet

Seiko 7002

Seiko SKX175

Story of an Icon: Seiko SKX & Turtle Dive Watches | Armand The Watch Guy

Seiko 62MAS

Seiko 6105

Seiko 6309

Seiko SKX007

TBWS Amazon Page where we list some of the SKX models that are currently available*

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