We’ve talked about affordable GMT watches before but this week, we explore the history of the complication and discuss its utility. From the earliest GMT watches to today’s modern quartz icons, this episode will give you a fun run-down of these timepieces and how they relate to aviation history in general.

Mike also treats the audience to a very special wrist check and he’s happy to say, the Glycine Airman is finally in the collection. It’s one heck of a watch that is largely forgotten and plays a major role in the evolution of pilot’s watches.

So kick back, tune in, and enjoy the show. This one is packed with history and you have anything to add, don’t forget to comment on this post!

Show Notes

Squale Atmos GMT

Glycine Airman No. 1

Glycine Airman by André Stikkers

Raketa Antarctic

E6B Flight Computer

Rolex GMT Master 6542

Douglas DC-7

De Havilland Comet

Pan American World Airways

Boeing 707

Rolex Turn-O-Graph

Bulova Astronaut

Zodiac Aerospace GMT

Citizen Nighthawk

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Harrison Ford Taxiway Landing

Breitling Aerospace Family

Rolex GMT Master 16710

LoveNwatches Podcast

Bird Strike

Captain Sully + Jean Richard

Chuck Yeager

John Swigert GMT Master


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