Ep. 82 Revisiting Homage Watches


By: Michael Penate

The time travelling watch snobs bring you another episode from the past! Fear not, our regular scheduling will resume this coming week. For now, it’s time to talk homage watches… again. By the way, the moscato from last week makes another appearance.

Kaz also gets a new micro brand dive watch in for review and Mike is enjoying more time with a very special Orion Field Standard. There’s also a fun Sistem51 review up on the site and don’t forget to check the show notes to catch a video of watches actually EXPLODING.

Finally, Mike shares a dirty secret – he’s considering the Alpha ‘Paul Newman’ homage. What’s the deal with homage watches? Are we still offended by them? It gets exhausting and people on the internet are terrible… except you. Yeah you, thanks for catching the show 😉

Show Notes

Orion Field Standard

Maen Hudson Diver

Orion Calamity

Toxic Royal

Blowing up fake watches

Sistem51 Review

Alpha Paul Newman

Steinhart OVM 39mm

Tiger Concept


Squale Atmos 30 GMT

1 thought on “Ep. 82 Revisiting Homage Watches”

  1. Thanks for the interesting discussion! I just wanted to add one point that some people think may think of quartz as a threat to mechanical watchmaking and they are pidgeon-holed into this perspective. After all, many watch industries shutdown or went into hiding after quartz watches came out; even George Daniels was adversely affected by the quartz revolution (went through some dark times) although ultimately he was inspired to make more accurate mechanical watches. In a way, the quartz movement was catastrophic to mechanical watches and only after the survival of the fittest (mechanical watches), we have other industries sprouting in the past 5-10 years. Mechanical movements are more of a luxury today than it was in years prior.

    Regardless, I do agree some of the ‘hate’ in today’s setting for quartz watches is a bit out of place.


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