The show finally pivots and the guys agree that this entire TBWS thing is simply a support group for folks that are completely insane… about watches. This week, we finally reveal the details about our 5k follower giveaway as Kaz enjoys some succulent Passover moscato. Delish. There’s even a new Richemont brand that makes its way into the discussion this week!

Oh, and there’s a $20k Doxa on eBay, you know, in case anyone is interested. Personally, we think the Doxa Black Lung reissue will do just fine instead. And should the TBWS crew go to the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair this year? We’re always trying to bring you guys cool content and we’re curious to learn if the #watchfam would appreciate it. Should make for some fun live streaming 🙂

Finally, the snobs tackle a discussion on the specifics of hobby crossovers and how this can be specific to watch enthusiasts. What other hobbies are watch collectors into? The EDC thing? Stamp collecting? Video games, mechanical keyboards, barbed wire?! Be sure to listen in and let us know if your watch collecting has fueled some other hobby or interest.

Show Notes

Doxa eBay Listing from the Show

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Jenny Watches

Tom Hank’s Rolex(s)

Collinsville Watch Co

Two Broke Watch Snobs Collinsville Nautilus Review


Nodus Watches


Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair

1 thought on “Ep. 81 Watchfam Crossover, Stolen Moscato, and TBWS World Travel..?”

  1. It is interesting that in Eastern Europe, Doxa and Atlantic are among the best well-known and trusted Swiss brands, I would even say people consider them to be in the top 5 (after Rolex of course).

    I didn’t even know about the Doxa Sub300 before I got into watches, I only knew about the more elegant Doxa watches. In the communist era, Doxa or Atlantic watches were expensive and hard to get; if you did have one you were more or less an “elite”.


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