Join the guys for one of the most significant moments in TBWS history. Kaz finally bit the bullet and snagged a clean, crispy Slava medical! He gives us an account of what it was like purchasing the watch and how it feels now that the hunt is finally over. Meanwhile, Mike is still enjoying one of his quartz favorites and the snobs discuss one of the finer things in life… high-end sweatpants, of course.

There’s also some big news and great giveaways coming your way. TBWS finally hit over 100,000 plays (thank you everyone!) and have just reached over 5,000 Instagram followers. You’ll have a chance to win some cool watches, so be sure to tune in.

For the main topic, Kaz and Mike take a stab at trying to make sense of some terrible watch marketing. Are hardcore watch enthusiasts even a target demographic anymore? What’s the deal with the goofy characters? Join the guys in their frustration – it’s a fun episode.

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