This week the guys take some time to candidly share the watches they’re actually considering as purchases for 2018. The wrist check is also a fun one, as both of the snobs share some old time favorites and a very particular watch that hasn’t been on the show for some time. Also, a microbrand offering a 7750 chronograph for under €1,000? Yeah, you bet your ass that made it’s way into the discussion.

Fliegers, Soviet pulsometers, and chunky Orient dive watches. 2018 might be a fun-filled watch buying year for Kaz and Mike, so be sure to check out this week’s podcast and find out what might be coming to their collections very soon.

Show Notes:

Seiko SKX175

Rolex Submariner 14060

Barbed Wire Collecting

Black Brew Chronograph

Seiko SKX013

Bornova Watches

Glycine Airman DC-4

Slava Medical

Rod of Asclepius

Laco Munster

Orient Neo ’70s WV0071SE

  ad spot

Boss Metal Zone

Orient Triton

Random Rob Channel

Bruce Williams Channel


Mido Ocean Star

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