Building A Watch Collection For $150

Think it’s hard trying to start a watch collection for $1,000? Yeah? Well, try starting one for $150! That’s what the Two Broke Watch Snobs try tackling this week and luckily, the solutions are diverse and creative. You don’t have to dish out a bunch of cash to be a “watch enthusiast” these days.

The Snobs are also happy to announce that the site is alive again! Keep tuning in for new reviews and pieces from valued guest contributors. Oh, and the newsletter is finally going out! Also, Seiko discontinues some of our all-time favorite models and brutally beats us with a sack filled with our dead pets. We can’t wait for Baselworld -__-

Kaz reconnects with the watch that started it all and Mike gets to spend time with his first meca-quartz chronograph. This is a pretty packed, fun-filled episode, so enjoy! By the way, Mr. Orient… you’re a rapey sleazeball.

Show Notes:

Encino Man

Hemel HFT20 Chronograph

Mr. Orient USA

Watches from the minds of Long Islanders

Seiko 5 SNK

Orion Calamity

Raven Venture

RGM Watches

Discontinued Seiko models

Mike’s Picks

Kaz’s Picks

Option 1
1 roll, 2 watches, leather strap

Option 2
1 roll, 3 watches

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