Interview With Raven Watches Founder Steve Laughlin

The Two Broke Watch Snobs are joined by Steve Laughlin – founder of Raven Watches – for a very special interview. This is one of the very first interviews we hoped to get our hands on when starting the podcast, so we’re super happy to finally have Steve on board. Just press play… you won’t regret it.

Steve shares some insider details behind what it was like creating the Raven Venture, his latest model. He even talks about his beginnings as a watchmaker, his preferences as a collector, and some TBWS-exclusive details about what you can expect from Raven Watches in 2018. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the new Raven Endeavour and a new 40mm model 😉

Steve and the Snobs then talk about homage watches, reaching customers online, eBay listings, childhood watches, and more. It was an honor to sit down with one of the Godfathers of the micro-brand watch space and don’t forget to listen until the very end! Steve has a special treat for TBWS listeners.

Show Notes:

Raven Venture Prototype

Raven Trekker 40 RT07

Raven Venture Production Model

Raven Watches YouTube Channel

Four Special Watches

The Raven Room


Raven Deep Tech

Raven Deep 44

Raven Defender

Raven Endeavour

Rolex Daytona 116506

ETA 2893

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